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Today it snowed. 
All day.
Work wasn't fun.
At all.
But I had the sweetest surprise.
The sweetest.
When I walked through the front door Alex was on the couch.
I had totally forgot that it is now exam time, which means no more classes!
So we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie, while it continued to blizzard outside.

Days like these are what I live for. 
Putting off chores, late dinners, hot chocolate and cuddles.
The snow can just keep falling for all I care.
I have everything I need right here. 


  1. ugh i kind of miss those relaxing days without classes. now it just seems like ryans working later and later. one day he will get home early and i look forward to it :)

  2. AH those are the best days!! I just love this a lot. You two are so cute!

    p.s. I would not mind if you allowed me to commission you for one of those cute portraits you drew for a family Christmas gift. I seriously love it.


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