I can easily say that 2013 has been my favourite year.
So many changes, and new experiences!!
There are too many things to mention, so I thought I would 

January // The year began, and what better way to begin the year than getting engaged!

February // I started my temple preparation courses, and started counting down the days until I could go to the temple!

March // We bought our wedding bands. The rings that would never come off our fingers.

April // The time had finally come for me to receive my endowments. It was such a beautiful experience. One I will never forget!

May // The Tulip Festival is my favourite event in Ottawa. It was so much fun to walk around the canal with family. The pre wedding butterflies were getting more and more intense.

June // We got the keys to our apartment and were able to start getting things put together. It was really starting to sink in that we were actually getting married.

July // The big day. On the fourth we became husband and wife. The best decision either one of us have made.

August // We were lucky enough to go to Maine for a few days. A little mini vacation in my favourite place, to end the summer.

September // We added a new member to the family: our little kitty Samwise Gamgee. He is quite a character, but we love him to pieces!

October // We celebrated our anniversary of our first date (a few weeks late), along with one year of being a couple. I still can't believe how fast that year went. We also enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family, and then Monday had our own mini Thanksgiving.

November // I finally started to get more adventurous with cooking and preparing meals. Who knew there were so many different types of paninis you could make!

December // Our first Christmas as a married couple. Neither one of asked for anything in particular, so everything was surprise.

2013 was an incredible year.
But I know 2014 will be even better!
I can't to see what's in store for our little family!

Happy New Year everyone!



Since we got married, we have been accumulating party games.
We so desperately want to play them, but there is a down side.
We haven't been accumulating friends. 
I've mentioned before how hard it has been to transition in the ward.
Being the only newlyweds is odd, and that's not even mentioning the fact that we are the only couple who don't have kids. 
Double awkward.
Seriously, all our married friends have kids, or are pregnant, or live in another city.
So whenever we have out of town friends down for a visit, we always snap them up.

Meet Dave and Catherine.
Yes they are married.
And yes they have been mistaken as siblings. (multiple times)
Dave and I were in the same ward when we were in youth, and grew up together.
We met Catherine through Youth Conference.
Their story is quite adorable, but I won't take up this whole post with the details.
We just love these two and wish we could live in the same city!

They were down from Montreal for a few days, visiting Dave's family during the Christmas break.
Sunday we invited them back to our place for bacon, and egg sandwiches, Christmas goodies and some good old catching up.
Since they got married 2 months before us, we are literally in the exact same stage of life.
It's fun to talk with people who are just as new to all the marriage thing as we are.

I'm grateful to have friends near and far that make for great company!



I have always been a huge fan of simple eye makeup and bright lips.
So when Christmas and New Year's time comes, I always bring out my red lipsticks.
I thought I would share with you all my 4 favourite red lipsticks.
1// Santa Baby
I've been a long time lover of Lush's It Started with a Kiss lip tint, but I ran out this year. I was planning on just replacing it, but I went with their limited addition Santa Baby instead. It is such a pretty bright red!

2// Red Red Red
This is the very first red lipstick I ever bought, and it is also the brightest! A super fun colour that works in every season.

3// Cardinal Plum
A more subtle red lipstick. If you are one that isn't into a popping red, I recommend this one by l'Oreal. It's very soft, but can be built up if you want something more intense.

4// Really Red 
This is the darkest lipstick I own. I always feel very posh whenever I wear it. It dresses up any look.

What are your lipstick recommendations for the holidays?



Today is Boxing Day.
aka the Canadian equivalent to Black Friday.
I worked a 4am-12:30 shift, and I have come to the conclusion that I hate Boxing day.

No it's not the crowds.
No it's not the rude costumers.
No it's not because I had to work.

It's the fact that after a day where we are supposed to be in an attitude of giving, majority of Canadians are lining up outside of stores to spend hundreds of dollars on things they don't even need.
Some people seem more excited about Boxing Day, than they are for Christmas.
And this makes me sad.

So while a lot of people I know are running around looking for deals, I'm at home in leggings and a cardigan.
I'd much rather be at home keeping the spirit of Christmas (and Christ) in my mind.
Besides, Christmas is still here.
Christmas isn't about the turkey dinner.
Christmas isn't about the deals in the stores the next day.
Christmas isn't about the presents.
It's in His presence.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day :)



From our family to yours.



I found this adorable bow garland on Pinterest, and I decided to make a Christmas version.
One of the easiest, and cutest DIY ever.
The template is available here.

All I did was follow the tutorial on Honey and Fritz.
I was so happy with result.
The perfect Christmas garland!



Clearly we have kitten. No decorations on the bottom of the tree.
I love Christmas time.
I love thinking of something special to get someone.
I love wrapping gifts.
I love the music.
I love the smiles from strangers.
I love the generosity.
I love the smells.

I still can't believe Christmas is almost a week away!!!
I just wish people would keep the spirit of Christmas with them all year round.



I have come to a realization.
One that has been quite a shock for me.
I am self conscious.
It is very common, especially for women, but I have never realized it until a couple months ago.

Here's the story.
Two years ago I lost weight, quite a lot of weight actually.
I never felt fat or uncomfortable in my own skin, even when I was bigger.
But when Alex and I got married, we started to eat pizza, candy, and waffles.
Not everyday, but more often than I was used to.
And I started to gain weight.
Not a lot, just a little.
My clothes started to feel tight, and when I looked in the mirror I saw a girl who was bigger than I was before I lost the weight.
And that scared me.
I wanted to get back on track, so we bought a scale.
Turned out I only gained 10 pounds, but to me it felt like I gained back every pound I worked so hard to loose.

Thankfully I have the most incredible husband, who never made me feel ugly or fat when I was with him.
But as soon as I walked by a mirror I saw something different than he did.
I was tired of feeling this way.
So I made a decision.
Something needed to change.

Instead of saying yes to my coworkers when they offered a sweet, I would say no.
Instead of going on my laptop, I would work out as soon as I got home.
Instead of focusing on things that I hate about my body, I would focus on the things I love.
Instead of letting discouraging thoughts come into my mind, I would remember who I am:
A daughter of God.

It's only been a week and half since I made this commitment and I already see a change.
Yes I lost 7 pounds already, but that isn't what's changed.
I feel stronger, and most importantly, happier.
Our bodies are a beautiful gift, and we need to remember that.
I feel like I needed these few months of bad feelings to fully understand that concept.
My body is a gift.
And it is beautiful.
I am beautiful.



instagram // @bekahbaronins
Today it snowed. 
All day.
Work wasn't fun.
At all.
But I had the sweetest surprise.
The sweetest.
When I walked through the front door Alex was on the couch.
I had totally forgot that it is now exam time, which means no more classes!
So we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie, while it continued to blizzard outside.

Days like these are what I live for. 
Putting off chores, late dinners, hot chocolate and cuddles.
The snow can just keep falling for all I care.
I have everything I need right here. 



And Voila!
Want a specific tutorial? Leave a comment below!

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Yesterday I was able to witness something beautiful.
My mom picked me up at work and we did some grocery shopping.
As we were walking to the car, a lady who was parked beside us was having a rough time trying to lift a huge box by herself.
My mom, without hesitation, ran over to help.
She didn't do it because I was watching.
She didn't do it to get a thank you.
She didn't talk about it when we got into the car.
She just did it to help.

That is true service.
That is the Christmas spirit.
And that is exactly what my faith is all about.



Since December has begun, the advent calendar was finally able to go up!
This year I combined 2 advent calendars:
1// A Christ centered advent calendar
2// A box advent calendar
I didn't want it to a traditional, candy count down to Christmas.
Instead I wanted something that focused on the true meaning of Christmas.
My Saviour

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