Today I was in a crafty mood.
So I made our advent calendar.
Well started making our advent calendar. 
I'll be revealing the finished project in a couple days.

Speaking of revealing, I redesigned our blog... again.
I started to figure out font books, etc.
I had a nerdy, excited moment last night.
Alex got a kick out of it.
Also, if any of you are interested in blog design tutorials, leave a comment, and you may see some in the future!


  1. I'd love blog design tutorials! And I think I'll just purchase the chocolate countdowns from Walmart ;)

  2. I would love to hear some tips on blog design. I never seem satisfied with mine / I don't really know how to design a blog at all!

  3. Sign me up! A tutorial would be fantastic. My blog is lacking in that department and it needs a face lift.

    Love your blog a ton! You're too adorable.

  4. ah i want to make an advent calendar! i've had no time what so ever, but this post has definitely struck my urge again to make one! & i love the new blog layout. it looks gooood

  5. I'd love to see some blog design tutorials as well. I always love your blog design, and I would love to change mine up a bit!

  6. I need some blog design tutorials now that my Bekah isn't just upstairs to help me with layout!!! Mom XX

  7. A blog tutorial would be awesome! I love the way to change yours up all the time.


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