I find that fonts can make or break a blog's design.
There have been quite a few designs that I've had in my head, but when I put them on the screen it doesn't work, simply because of the font.
Here are a few tips to follow when looking for a font.

First: Think of a theme
It's important to think what specific look you are going for.
Whether it be modern, classic, fun, or minimalistic, remember to look for fonts that work well together and with your theme.

Second: Use different fonts
It's ok to mix up fonts.
Don't over do it and use the same font for everything.
Change it up!
If you're using a simple font for your header, add some handwritten fonts for detail.

Third: Don't be afraid of colour
If you want a certain word, or phrase to stand out, a great to do this is to change the colour.
I'm a lover of everything black, so adding colour is it a bit out of my comfort zone, but I am also a firm believer in having pops of colour.
Now with that being said, don't go overboard with too many colours.
Mood boards are a great way to get inspired and to find a few colours that go well together.

Fourth: Clear navbar
There is nothing more annoying than visiting a new blog, and not being able to read the words on the navbar.
It is best to stay away from handwritten/calligraphy fonts on your navbar.
Even though they are pretty, I'd suggest keeping it simple with your navbar.

Sixth: Experiment
I like to experiment with spacing, italics, bold and Capslock.
Some fonts look completely different in lowercase than they do in uppercase.
You may come across a font that looks kind of odd in lower case, but once you put a space in between each letter it can change the entire look.
Have fun with it and experiment.
Try using a font different ways, and figure out which one works best.

As a little treat, I'm sharing of few of my favourite fonts with you all!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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  1. Woman I need to sit down with you one day and you can teach me how to make my blog look decent!

    1. Next time you come over we can work on it together!! :)


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