Life is beautiful.
This morning while I was waiting for my ride (at 4am, yeah my schedule is weird) I was able to sit down without anyone (minus Sammy), no phone or laptop to distract me.
I just sat and thought. 
I treasure moments like this where I can just think about me, family, work, friends, and life in general.
After the past week I had at work, I needed this half hour of nothing.

This week has been rough.
First a diamond fell out of my wedding band. 
Next one of our new ETLs completely destroyed the Halloween section, and then 2 days later we had to put it back together. It was awful. A presentation team member's nightmare. Unfortunately for us it was a reality.
Then we had a stack of new displays that had been due on the 13th, but we couldn't finish them in time.
And on top of all of this I was stuck in the shoe department for 10 and a half hours yesterday.


But at the same time, I have so much to be grateful for this week.
I was able to attend institute and see some friends in YSA. Not to mention the lesson was incredible! I love learning about the creation.
Brigitte came over for dinner again and we were able to catch up from the past 3 weeks.
I'm rereading Catching Fire (for the 4th time) so it's all fresh for the movie.
Sammy is growing so fast, and he is such fun to have around.
Definitely has helped me with my lonely night blues.
I absolutely love the girls I work with. Even though it's stressful, they make it a blast to come in at 6 and 4 am.
Alex and I were able to spend more evenings/afternoons together. I love this boy more and more.

Life is beautiful.
Even when it is crazy.

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  1. bekah you are simply wonderful. and i love your blog so very much! i nominated you for the sunshine award!


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