I feel that once you've met that someone, your calendar is filled with anniversaries.
But I guess that's not so bad.
Today we are celebrating our "one year of being a serious couple".

This time last year I called Alex and nervously shared my feelings.
Thankfully he felt the same.
Because that would have been rather uncomfortable.
And trust me, I felt awkward enough taking that step.

We are celebrating by ordering a pizza, and renting a movie.
We firmly believe that no one should cook on anniversaries, but are too lazy to leave home.
No shame.


  1. Hey, date nights in are the bomb. We thoroughly enjoy movie nights and sometimes even just whipping up a box of mac and cheese. You are right, no shame!

  2. This is so sweet! I'm pretty sure I would do exactly the same thing, of ordering food instead of going out... Although, I do like my posh dinners and cinemas... I guess we'll have to see when I get there lol



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