Chapter 780

Even though this week has been exhausting, it has been so great.
Alex has only worked 2 nights this week, so we have been able to spend most evenings together, which has been lovely.
Thursday especially was an exhausting day at work (4am shift where I spent 6 hours reorganizing one aisle..it sucked), and I loved having someone at home to hug.
I didn't realize until after he left for work at 5pm, that he had cleaned the bathroom.
It was such a nice surprise.
To me that is romance.
When he does things that are on my "things to do list", but knows that I am too tired to do them, before I even know.
I love that boy.
Now I am not saying that I do everything in the apartment, I don't.
It's just nice to have someone who knows ahead of time the days where I just need a break.

And yes, I did change our blog design.. again.

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