Chapter 777

It's time for an introduction.

Meet Samwise (aka Sammy).
First let me explain the story of how we got this cute little kitty.
Sit tight.
It may be lengthy.

Alex and I never had pets growing up, so we both said from the get go that we wanted pets.
We just didn't know it was going to happen this fast.
About 3 weeks ago, Andrew and Kelsi found a stray (Timmy), and we immediately were smitten.
Andrew and Kelsi were going to wait and see what they would do with him once they put out posters.
After a few days of discussing budget and such, Alex and I decided we would take him if no one claimed him.

You would be right and guessing that Sammy is not Timmy.
We realized that even though Andrew and Kelsi can't keep him, they had saved him.
And we wanted to save a kitty ourselves.
I know that sounds kind of selfish, but there are hundreds of kitten in the Ottawa Humane Society, so we thought we would see if we had a connection with any of them.

We saw a picture of Sammy on Sunday, and he actually wasn't our first choice.
When we got to the shelter on Monday, the worker directed us to the cat rooms, and for some reason we walked straight to Sammy's kennel, without even realizing he was there.
He was the youngest kitten in the shelter, and shared a little room with 2 other cats (5 months old)
When we walked into the room, Hammet (an adorable white and grey kitty) immediately approach us.
Unfortunately he had a heart condition, and was a Foster first kitten.

Sammy stayed in his bed, and refused to come and say hi.
He was the most timid kitten I have ever seen.
We wanted so desperately to hold him, so the worker told us to we could go into a private room.
At first he stayed by the walls and just looked at us.
But once he discovered Alex's shoelaces, he started to come out of his shell.
Then out of the blue, I started to get teary eyed.
Alex looked at me and we both knew:
This was our kitten.

Once we signed the papers, we put him in his carrier, and drove home.
The entire way home he was crying, and would try and get out of his carrier, and was so heartbreaking to keep him in it.
But safety comes first, so he had to stay in, and we had to comfort him the whole way home.

I was surprised at how comfortable he is at our place.
He knows where his litter box is (thank goodness).
He knows where his food is.
He knows where his bed is (at the bottom of our bed, obviously).
He knows who his mommy and daddy are.

Such a little snuggle bug.
And we love it.
I know it sounds pathetic, but I really feel that this kitten is supposed to be ours.

(and yes we did name him after a Lord of the Rings character)


  1. Replies
    1. ^^^ ME TOO. You have no idea how much i want a kitty. Sammy is a lucky kitten!

  2. congrats on your newest edition to the family! love his black and white fur! we have two cats... they are just so lovable and adorable. enjoy!

  3. ah! i am so jealous. He looks perfect!

  4. Too cute!! You're blog is adorable! Definelty one of my new faves(:

  5. Such a cute kitty and the story matches! Loved that you rescued him. I approve of the name.

  6. I always think cats/kittens pick you rather than the other way round Bekah. He is so cute and I'm sure he will become a well loved member of your family.


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