Chapter 774

Today I was determined.

Our second bedroom has been calling to me:
"Clean me. CLEAN ME!"
Since we moved in it has been our "puteverythingandanythinganywherethereisspace" room.
As I was doing a full clear out of the closet, I found my old jewelry box.
Inside were the sweetest treasures from my childhood.

I'm what you might call a memory hoarder.
I hold on to things that I have even the slightest emotional attachment to.
I noticed that I had kept every single "Best Friends Forever" necklace I ever had growing up.
And I remembered every friend they were shared with.
I noticed my diamond (or should I say "faux diamond") butterfly necklace that I wore to my grade 8 grad.
I noticed my locket my grandmother gave to me, that has the picture of the missionary who baptized my great grandmother.
I noticed my very first charm bracelet.
I noticed my YW's necklace that I got when I turned 12.
I noticed my gold necklace that was given to me by my Auntie Sue for my birthday.

Even though this jewelry box held my memories, it was time to get rid of it, and keep the actual memories.
Time for another little girl to fill it with her memories.

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