Chapter 768

I have gone to Ocean Park almost every summer since I was 6 months old,
and I have never found a sand dollar.
Until this year.

It was our last day on the beach, and the water was full of seaweed.
I had never seen the water like it before.
Kelsi and my dad were already in, but I was hesitating.
Which is not at all like me.
I usually run straight in no matter what the temperature.
Seaweed, on the other hand, is a lot harder to face.

While I was getting myself ready to take the plunge, I notice a white, completely round object near my feet.
Right as I am about to reach for it, a wave comes and it's gone.
I start screaming: "I just saw a sand dollar, but I lost it in the wave!!!"
Kelsi, my dad and I all started staring at our feet trying to find it in the seaweedy water.
Thankfully Kelsi was able to grab hold of it.
A complete sand dollar.
No chip or scratch.

It now resides in our living wall, in a shadow box along with another shell we found.
A little reminder of summer.

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