Chapter 767

A few weeks ago, mom got her mother's day present:
Family pictures by Chantelle.
My mom loved what she did with our wedding photos, and she wanted some updated family photos, so we thought it would make for the perfect gift.

It's funny to think that over the past 3 years, our family has doubled in size.
My brothers and I have found incredible people to share our lives with,
Andrew and Kelsi have added a beautiful daughter/niece/granddaughter to the family
And mom and dad have loved watching the family they created grow.

Having a family that are also your best friends is the ideal situation.
I guess I got lucky :) 


  1. you have such a beautiful and happy family!
    i love these photos and i'm sure your mom was so happy to see this!
    so cute and i love them :)


  2. You are truly blessed- to be close to your family emotionally, but also to be close to your family physically. Our families are our best friends too, but we aren't lucky enough to live close to them and it is really, really hard. Enjoy that closeness as often as possible.

  3. What a beautiful family! love these photos :) i need to get my family to do this sometimes soon. You guys look so happy! x E

  4. Beautiful family & photos!

  5. such gorgeous pics!! I love them. Your little niece is the cutest thing!

  6. Love love love! What a beautiful family =)


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