Chapter 764

Sometimes I...

... straighten my hair. I've re-fallen in with having my hair straight.
... take selfies on my Macbook.
... listen to old Miley Cyrus songs. I'm reminiscing. I miss the old, cute Miley. It's sad how fame can change a person so much. Why oh why can't you sing songs like 7 Things anymore??! I admit it, I love that song.
... hammer things into the wall. Almost everyday I've added something to the walls, rearranged things in our place. I get excited to show Alex when he comes home. Keeps me somewhat occupied.
... call my mom up so we can have a mommy daughter date. I didn't realize how much I needed my mom, until we hung out tonight. Being with my mom always makes things better.
... jump into Alex's arms when he comes home.

Let me rephrase that last one:
I always jump into Alex's arms when he comes home.


  1. UGH I miss the old Miley too! She is so gross now, I am just appalled. She could have been such a good influence on girls, now not so much. Also, your gallery wall is perfect. I tried to do that once, and it looked awful lol

  2. I love your photo frame arrangement. I can't wait for Stephen and I to have our own place one day. I will have a similar list to you :)

    p.s. your hair looks great straight!



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