Chapter 759

September 1 2012: Jenn Butler "Oh hey, gurl, heyyy. One of Jonan's friends is moving into the ward.
Cutie from what I can tell... RM  May the odds be ever in your favor"

September 7 2012: I met this cute boy at a church dance. We didn't dance. We didn't even talk.

September 7 2013: Waiting for this cute boy to come home from work so we can watch Boy Meets World, eat popcorn and cuddle.

Such an incredible year.
I can wait to see where this year takes us.
Lead on, my love, lead on.


  1. Love doing series of pictures like this. Here's how the original "follow me" pictures started (I love it).


    1. I love those pictures! I remember seeing them on Pinterest, then when I saw Kirsten's, I knew I had to try it!!!!! :)


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