Chapter 745

Last night we threw our very first party at our apartment.
Brigitte was turning 23, so we decided to throw her a surprise birthday party.
It was a great night with friends.
Dutch blitz, raspberry lemonade and talking about old times.

Things have changed so much over the years.
Things are still changing.

Laura is married.
I'm married.
Tyler is engaged.
Brigitte has an incredible job.
Dawson is headed to BYU.
Ben is preparing for his mission.

Things change, but some will always stay the same.


  1. so much fun.
    and bridgette is so cute.


  2. LOVE this. Love your blog. Been stalking it for a bit. And yes yes yes welcome to married life where you hardly ever see each other! I definitely related with that post. But it's getting better now that summer is over! Change is definitely inevitable. But it always seems to be something better the man upstairs is trying to give to you! Whew!


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