Chapter 755

Today we are headed to Maine with this family.
Words can not describe my excitement.
We don't leave until 4, so the rest of the day is "errand day".
Cleaning, packing, getting my nails beach ready, picking up a couple groceries so we won't have an empty fridge when we get home.

But I don't want to think about coming back home.
I want to think about going to my home away from home.
Ocean Park.

I won't be posting anything until September 4th.


Chapter 754

Last night something happened that hasn't taken place in a long time.
Alex and I spent the evening together.
For the rest of the week I get to look forward to seeing this boy at 5:30, as opposed to 9.

Finally able to enjoy normal everyday things together:
Having dinner when it was still light out.
Cuddling on the couch.
Catching up.
Going to bed with an empty sink (usually full of dishes)

It's the little things that I love the most.


Chapter 753

I love Ottawa.
I love being by the water.
I love that I get to experience all 4 seasons.
I love that I have lived in the same city my whole life.
I love that married a man who loves this place just as much as I do.


Chapter 752

Yesterday I had a small glimpse at motherhood.
Andrew and Kelsi spent the day at the temple, so I babysat Norah.
For an entire day.
It was such a fun day, but I was completely dead by 7pm.
I don't know how mothers do it.
I don't know how I'm going to do it.
But I will because of one thing.


FYI: This is not a pregnancy announcement


Chapter 751

This week I have been working 6:00 am - 2:30 pm.
Which means I have been waking up at 5 every morning.

This week I have been getting back into Pilates.
Which means my core and gluts have been aching all day.

This week I have been eating more fruits and vegetables.
Which means my body has been feeling more healthy.

This week I have been getting used to life.
Which means one thing:


Chapter 750

I'm ready for Maine.

I want to get freckles.
I want to take a run on the beach.
I want to not care what time it is.
I want to have ice cream from the Soda Fountain.
I want to swim in my cold ocean.
I want to stay up late, and wake up early.
I want to wear a swimsuit everyday, all day.
I want to watch the sunrise.
I want to walk along the beach with the love of my life.
I want to show Alex my favourite places.
I want to share old memories with him.
But most importantly,
I want to make new ones.


Chapter 749

Last night I enjoyed:

a lovely omelette,
an intense workout,
a sweet visit from Bernie and Dayna,
and cuddles with the husband.

Days like that make me happy.


Chapter 748

There is something liberating about spending less time connected.
We live in a world where everyone has data on their phone, a laptop and a tablet.
We are constantly plugged in.
Obviously social media and the internet has it's pros, but it is so easy to get distracted.
I am trying to spend less time on the computer and on my phone.

So far it's working.
I don't bring my phone on break.
I haven't been on Facebook for a few days.
Instead I've been able to read,
get more comfortable with using the oven,
and spend an evening with friends.

Funny how when you aren't wasting time, you it.


Chapter 747

The best summer drink.

+ Lemonade
+ Grenadine
+ Raspberry sorbet


Chapter 746

This is what my Saturday mornings look like.
Preparing my YW lesson, eating cereal, and myself.
The past couple weeks Alex and I have been working different shifts.
When I work in the day, he works at night.
When I work an evening shift, he works in the morning.
It's been hard.
But at the same time it makes our time together that much sweeter.


Chapter 745

Last night we threw our very first party at our apartment.
Brigitte was turning 23, so we decided to throw her a surprise birthday party.
It was a great night with friends.
Dutch blitz, raspberry lemonade and talking about old times.

Things have changed so much over the years.
Things are still changing.

Laura is married.
I'm married.
Tyler is engaged.
Brigitte has an incredible job.
Dawson is headed to BYU.
Ben is preparing for his mission.

Things change, but some will always stay the same.


Chapter 744

It took us months to find our first dance song.
After months of searching, we knew as soon as we heard this song it needed to be ours. 

Can we make this moment last?


Chapter 743

Home really is a feeling more than it is a place.
A little over a month ago I was still living with my parents.
That was home.
As soon as Alex got back from Toronto and walked through our door, something happened.
This is now home.
There's no sound I enjoy more than our door being opened, and Alex walking inside.

He is my home.


Chapter 742

My reading corner.
Sometimes when Alex is at work I curl up on my chair and read.
I read Hunger Games.
I read my scriptures.
I read conference talks.

Sometimes when I actually find time,
I read.


Chapter 741

It seems like everyday I work a night shift, Alex works a day shift.
And everyday I work a day shift, he works a night shift.
Welcome to married life, when you only see each other on Sunday and for a couple hours before bed.

But with that said, we both extremely grateful for the amount of hours we have been working.
Our jobs rock!



Chapter 740

Three words to describe how I feel everyday:

+ Lucky
+ Blessed
+ Complete


Chapter 739

Yesterday I was having a sick day.
I called in sick to work, and spent the day on my couch.
Since I didn't have much to do all day, I decided to redesign our blog (again)
I wanted the blog to look simpler and cleaner.
Less cluttered.

So after a lot of thought, I've decided to no longer have sponsors.
I wanted to thank all the bloggers that I have sponsored and have sponsored me over the past year.
It was great getting to know so many beautiful people.

The past month I've enjoyed blogging more than I have for the past couple years.
I didn't have a schedule.
I didn't decide weeks in advance what my topics would be.
I just talked about life as it happened.

I'm heading back to why I started this blog in the first place,

to write.



Chapter 738

The post where I talk on and on about my job.

I knew in April I needed to find a new job, and I needed to do it quickly.
One problem: I hate job hunting.
I find it very hard to "sell myself" and I hate following up.
I applied to quite a few places, and they all said they wanted to hire me.
But for some reason no matter how many times I followed up, they would say they would get back to me.
Now I know what you're thinking:
"They didn't actually wanted to hire me"
I know for a fact 3 places wanted me on their teams, desperately.
Yet none of them were working out.

Then in May I thought that maybe the reason why they weren't hiring me, was because I wasn't supposed to leave Payless.
And right when I was thinking this our Assistant Manager had an emergency and had to move to Brockville.
So applied to be the Assistant manager.
I had been with the company for 4 years and needed the hours.
I was never "passionate" about working at Payless, but since I'm not a huge fan of change, working at the same job would be less stressful.

After a few weeks of nothing from the district manager, I was getting frustrated and all together bitter towards the company.
Then out of a nowhere I read a friends Facebook status about applying to Target.
I applied immediately and was invited to attend the job fair later the following week.
Target is just opening in Canada, so they have locations all over Ottawa that are hiring.

I expected to be at the job fair for 10 minutes (that's how long all my other friends were there for).
3 interviews, and 2 hours later I had a job offer.
I applied as just a regular sales associate, but they wanted to be a merchandiser.
Higher pay, regular hours, and a smaller team.
I was completely shocked!

Fast forward to 3 months later, and I am loving my job.
Everyone started work 2 weeks ago to set up the shelves and displays.
This week we started getting product in the store.
It's kind of like our baby.
When we first got the keys to store it was empty.
Now it's slowly starting to look like a store.
Our store.

I know for a fact that the reason why all the other jobs didn't work out was because I was meant to work at Target.
To some it may seem like a typical retail job, but it's not.
For once in my life I look forward to going to work, I am learning so much, and I am surrounded by incredible people, who genuinely care.
It's refreshing.



Chapter 737

Having our bridals done on the same day as our wedding was my favourite.
Chantelle was the best, we didn't even notice she was there.
But it still hadn't sunk in that we were married.

Once the photos were done, and we had dinner with our family, Alex and I had time to ourselves.
We pulled out of the Casey's parking lot in our rental car with no one else.
That was when it sunk in. 
We were married.



Chapter 736

I'm not one for "month-iversaries", but this one is rather special.
I can't believe it's already been a month.
It actually feels like it's been longer.
So much has happened in this month.
Can't wait for the months and years to come!
I love you.



Chapter 735

The Boys:

The Girls:

We have the greatest friends around, and are so grateful for the love and support they have given us through the years.
They've made us laugh, they've seen us cry (mostly me), and they always lend a listening ear. 
Thanks a bunch for sharing the most important day with us.
You're the best of the best.



Chapters 734

The family
Auntie Mariette and Emily
Grandma Reynolds and Auntie Andrea
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

One of my favourite things about the temple, is that the actual wedding ceremony is so intimate.
We were able to share our day with a handful of people who meant so much to us!
Even though half of the people who attended weren't blood, they're still family.


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