Chapter 730

When I was little I would always help my mom bake.
I'm going to admit it, I did it for one purpose only:
my job was to lick the beater.

Yesterday I thought it was about time that I used my Kitchenaid mixer.
So I made a batch of my mom's famous cookies.
I thought I would enjoy baking for myself, but to be honest I had no desire to eat them.
I made them for one purpose:
for Alex to eat them.

I had a little epiphany.
My mom never baked cookies for herself.
She baked them for someone who needed a smile.
She baked them for her kids.
And maybe, just maybe she baked an entire batch so her daughter could lick the beater.

One of my favourite quotes is:
"Love is spelt T-I-M-E."
But I want to add to it.
Love is also spelt service.
I've been a part of a family for 22 years, and I am only just beginning to realize the true meaning of love as Alex and I start our own family of two.



  1. you are such a talented writer. loved this lil tidbit.

  2. You made me cry and your cokies were delicious! My baby is growing up! xoxoxo


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