Chapter 714

I love those days when you are so busy.
Busy with family. 
Picking up my dad from the airport.
Renting the tablecloths for the wedding reception.
Shopping trip to Ikea.
Grocery double date with Andrew and Kelsi.
Watching Norah "read" her books.
Dropping some things off at the apartment.

But my favourite part of the whole day was watching one of my favourite movies.
Father of the Bride.
I have watched this movie countless times, and never, not once have I got teary eyed.
Until tonight.
It just really hit home.
I can't wait to be married to my best friend, and I can't wait to make our place a home.
But if I am to be honest, part of me is going to miss this home.

We moved into this 4 bedroom house when I was in grade 2.
I have lived in the 3 of the 4 bedrooms.
Every time someone moved out, I moved into a bigger room.
2 years ago, when Andrew got married, I thought I did my final move in this house.
I was wrong.
The past week my room has slowly moved over to our apartment, along with my bed.
So I had to move into my old room.
I love that the room I spent the most of my growing up years in, is the last room I will sleep in until I get married.

And although this room doesn't look the way it did when I lived in it, 
it still holds such dear memories.

I remember playing dress up.
I remember singing my heart out as Eponine, Christine, Belle, Lucy, and many others.
I remember trading in my twin bed for a double and feeling all grown up.
I remember talking about boys with my girlfriends.
I remember teaching myself how to play guitar.
I remember writing my first blog post.

It's weird how when you are a teenager, you want time to fly.
Now I wish it would just slow down. 
Just a little.

Then again.
I wouldn't mind if it sped up for the next 4 days.



  1. You articulated perfectly how I felt before I got married. It's a different stage of life, and even though you'll always be your daddy's little girl, it feels a little different once you're married. Good different, though, definitely not bad different.

  2. this makes me think of when my mom moved.
    when i got married my mom was in the middle of a move because of some family matters.
    she is now in a new home.
    i feel weird going back because i never lived in the home.
    but every time i drive by our old house i have all those memory flood back.

    but anyways im so excited for you to get married!



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