Chapter 709

Life has been so busy lately.
And I must admit, I love it.

I used to live my life so I could blog about it.
But the past couple weeks, I've been living my life simply to live it.
I forgot how much fun it is to blog without a schedule.
To post when I feel like posting.
To write what I'm feeling, when I'm feeling it.

So no more blog series.
Well that's not entirely true.
I may still throw in a "Trinket Tuesday" and "Him and Her" posts here and there.
But no more "This is what I have to blog about every week"

It was getting exhausting.
Blogging became exhausting.
Now I'm exhausted for a different reason entirely.

With all that said, I still want to post as regularly as I can.
Simply because there is such a beautiful community in the blogging world,
and I love so much being apart of it!

Just to warn you all, I do get married in a couple weeks, (if you've somehow forgotten)
so the next month or so is going to be crazy busy with:
+ finishing wedding details
+ setting up our apartment
+ a trip to Winnipeg
+ spending time with the hubby before we head back to work


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