Chapter 707

Shower number one happened today.
It was a such a fun day filled with people I love.
First off Kelsi, Marsha and Itzel kept everything on the down-low so I had no idea what to expect.
Let me just take a moment and talk about the food.
It was a waffle bar.
Anyone who knows me, knows I live for waffles and ice cream.
(of course there were waffle ice cream sandwiches)
We played this fun game where Alex and I were asked the same questions, and everyone had to guess who's answer was who's.
It was pretty entertaining, especially the ones that were not obvious.

Even though I am extremely grateful for every gift, I wanted to mention a couple to you.
There are too many to mention them all.

Marsha's poster
Marsha asked Alex and I to come with fictional couples and she placed them on a poster along with our names.
I know for sure this will

Mellonie's painting
Mellonie hand painted some forget me nots.
Around them was the things that President Uchtdorf had listed in his talk, that we should never forget.
This talk is very near and dear to my heart.
I don't think she realized how much I would love and cherish this piece.

Bedding from the Hopp family
No exactly a sentimental gift, but Alex and I both LOVED this bedding from west elm. (in citron)
And they bought it for us!!!
We put it on the registry, not expecting anyone to buy it.
Definitely a surprise!

Kelsi's hedgehogs
Hands down the CUTEST gift.
Kelsi bought me some hedgehog dryer balls.
Little did she know that one of my dreams is to have a pet hedgehog.
No joke.
And to be honest, I'm using them as decorations.

The waffle maker
There's a story to this, so get comfy.
It all started in October 2010.
Andrew and Kelsi had been dating for a week, and my parents were in Maine.
Andrew was sending them pretty detailed emails, and my mom knew they were going to get married.
So she bought Kelsi a shower gift. An iron.

Fast forward to October 2012.
Alex and I had been dating for a few days and my parents were again in Maine.
Every time they go to Maine they pick something up for us.
So I teased and said: "I want a waffle maker."
And of course, I didn't get it.
Christmas morning I see this huge box with my name on it and immediately think "waffle maker."
Nope. Camera bag (still an awesome gift though)

When I finally got to my mom's gift today, I slightly forgot about the waffle maker.
And there it was.
My beautiful waffle maker!

The best part of the story:
My mom did buy it in October.
Little tease!!

Anyway I had a wonderful day.
Things are getting more and more exciting.
Soon I get to have a cuddle buddy forever!


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