Chapter 705

Last night I was cleaning out my closet.
Decided it was time to get rid of some purses.
While I was going through them, I came across this little piece of paper.
It was in one bag I hadn't used since I was in YW.
That was 5 years ago, I desperately needed a clear out.

On the paper was a list of things that described who I am.
What struck me about this paper was that even though that was 5-6 years ago, nothing on that paper had changed.

So I thought I would shared with you, who I am.

I still love playing the guitar.
I still love photography.
I still love music.
I still want to travel.
I still love the new direction my life is going
I still love reading
I still dream about being a mother and a wife
I still have no problem public speaking
I still love making crafts

And I still know that I am a daughter of God

Even though I made mistakes when I was in youth, I'm so glad I never forgot these things.
And I never will.


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