Chapter 701

I realized something today.
I'm sick of wedding planning.
Don't get me wrong, it's and fun and all, I just want to be married to my best friend already.
I want to have a place of our own.
I want to cuddle as long as we want.
I want to talk forever.
I want to kneel across the altar in the temple.
I want to have a family.
I want to face problems with his hand in mine.

I'm not a cheesy person, so this is weird for me to say all this.
I'm very guarded.
I get hurt easily.
I feel things deeply, but fear showing too much into my heart.
Thank goodness I found a boy who understands that.
Someone who has made me realize there isn't anything to fear.
Yes things are stressful, and yes life is hard.
But I would much rather face it with him than alone.

I'm still completely shocked that I am the lucky girl who gets to call herself:
Mrs. Alex Baronins.

And for someone that isn't cheesy,
I just went a tad overboard.
You're welcome.



  1. I am getting married August 16th and I tease Mr. Jolley all the time that we should just elope to avoid wedding planning haha. It really can be such a pain and seem so insignificant to the temple covenants. Glad I'm not alone in this feeling.
    I just want to cuddle him all night. <3

  2. You're the cutest couple! I've been reading your blog since May and I love it!
    I know you will be so happy with the love not only in this life but the next too!



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