Chapter 714

I love those days when you are so busy.
Busy with family. 
Picking up my dad from the airport.
Renting the tablecloths for the wedding reception.
Shopping trip to Ikea.
Grocery double date with Andrew and Kelsi.
Watching Norah "read" her books.
Dropping some things off at the apartment.

But my favourite part of the whole day was watching one of my favourite movies.
Father of the Bride.
I have watched this movie countless times, and never, not once have I got teary eyed.
Until tonight.
It just really hit home.
I can't wait to be married to my best friend, and I can't wait to make our place a home.
But if I am to be honest, part of me is going to miss this home.

We moved into this 4 bedroom house when I was in grade 2.
I have lived in the 3 of the 4 bedrooms.
Every time someone moved out, I moved into a bigger room.
2 years ago, when Andrew got married, I thought I did my final move in this house.
I was wrong.
The past week my room has slowly moved over to our apartment, along with my bed.
So I had to move into my old room.
I love that the room I spent the most of my growing up years in, is the last room I will sleep in until I get married.

And although this room doesn't look the way it did when I lived in it, 
it still holds such dear memories.

I remember playing dress up.
I remember singing my heart out as Eponine, Christine, Belle, Lucy, and many others.
I remember trading in my twin bed for a double and feeling all grown up.
I remember talking about boys with my girlfriends.
I remember teaching myself how to play guitar.
I remember writing my first blog post.

It's weird how when you are a teenager, you want time to fly.
Now I wish it would just slow down. 
Just a little.

Then again.
I wouldn't mind if it sped up for the next 4 days.



Chapter 713

In 9 days

+ she wears a white dress
+ he wears a suit
+ she changes her last name
+ he finally gets to wear a ring
+ they become a family of two


Chapter 712

Today was my second bridal shower.
We haven't been together as a group for a long time!
The last time we were all together was graduation.
That was four years ago.

What I loved most about today was that it felt like one of my birthday parties.
No joke.
Every year in high school, every one of these girls came to my birthday parties.
There were games, movies, and long girl chats.
And today it felt the exact same.
Even after 4 years, it felt like nothing had changed.

We still call each other by the same nicknames.
We still laugh at the most random things.
We still tease each other.
We still talk about high school memories.
We still can depend on each other.

Class of 2009.
I love you girls.



Chapter 711

all photos via pinterest

Things I am looking forward to this summer

+ Bike riding
+ Dresses
+ Fresh flowers
+ Popsicles
+ Possible beach trip (really hope we can make it down to Maine!)
+ Sunglasses
+ Freckles
+ Getting married
+ Moving into our place
+ Traveling to Winnipeg
+ Getting to know Alex's family better
+ Starting my new job!!



Chapter 710

Seems like yesterday...

+ I met a cute boy at church
+ we became institute walking buddies
+ I finally gathered up the courage to ask you on a date
+ I flew out to Utah, and you missed me for the first time
+ we had that awkward phone call
+ we said I love you for the first time at the airport
+ I surprised you and flew down to Winnipeg
+ we had the marriage talk on your parents sofa at midnight
+ you surprised me and proposed
+ we went down to Palmyra so I could go to the temple
+ we found an apartment to call home
+ we were counting down months until the wedding

And now it's only two weeks.
Two weeks.



Chapter 709

Life has been so busy lately.
And I must admit, I love it.

I used to live my life so I could blog about it.
But the past couple weeks, I've been living my life simply to live it.
I forgot how much fun it is to blog without a schedule.
To post when I feel like posting.
To write what I'm feeling, when I'm feeling it.

So no more blog series.
Well that's not entirely true.
I may still throw in a "Trinket Tuesday" and "Him and Her" posts here and there.
But no more "This is what I have to blog about every week"

It was getting exhausting.
Blogging became exhausting.
Now I'm exhausted for a different reason entirely.

With all that said, I still want to post as regularly as I can.
Simply because there is such a beautiful community in the blogging world,
and I love so much being apart of it!

Just to warn you all, I do get married in a couple weeks, (if you've somehow forgotten)
so the next month or so is going to be crazy busy with:
+ finishing wedding details
+ setting up our apartment
+ a trip to Winnipeg
+ spending time with the hubby before we head back to work



Chapter 708

Because of my dad

+ I have a love for basketball
+ I am sensitive
+ I dislike social gatherings (which I personally think is a good thing)
+ I have strong opinons
+ I never doubt that I am loved
+ I knew what kind of a man I wanted as a husband

Dad, you may have loved me since I was born,
but I've loved you my whole life.



Chapter 707

Shower number one happened today.
It was a such a fun day filled with people I love.
First off Kelsi, Marsha and Itzel kept everything on the down-low so I had no idea what to expect.
Let me just take a moment and talk about the food.
It was a waffle bar.
Anyone who knows me, knows I live for waffles and ice cream.
(of course there were waffle ice cream sandwiches)
We played this fun game where Alex and I were asked the same questions, and everyone had to guess who's answer was who's.
It was pretty entertaining, especially the ones that were not obvious.

Even though I am extremely grateful for every gift, I wanted to mention a couple to you.
There are too many to mention them all.

Marsha's poster
Marsha asked Alex and I to come with fictional couples and she placed them on a poster along with our names.
I know for sure this will

Mellonie's painting
Mellonie hand painted some forget me nots.
Around them was the things that President Uchtdorf had listed in his talk, that we should never forget.
This talk is very near and dear to my heart.
I don't think she realized how much I would love and cherish this piece.

Bedding from the Hopp family
No exactly a sentimental gift, but Alex and I both LOVED this bedding from west elm. (in citron)
And they bought it for us!!!
We put it on the registry, not expecting anyone to buy it.
Definitely a surprise!

Kelsi's hedgehogs
Hands down the CUTEST gift.
Kelsi bought me some hedgehog dryer balls.
Little did she know that one of my dreams is to have a pet hedgehog.
No joke.
And to be honest, I'm using them as decorations.

The waffle maker
There's a story to this, so get comfy.
It all started in October 2010.
Andrew and Kelsi had been dating for a week, and my parents were in Maine.
Andrew was sending them pretty detailed emails, and my mom knew they were going to get married.
So she bought Kelsi a shower gift. An iron.

Fast forward to October 2012.
Alex and I had been dating for a few days and my parents were again in Maine.
Every time they go to Maine they pick something up for us.
So I teased and said: "I want a waffle maker."
And of course, I didn't get it.
Christmas morning I see this huge box with my name on it and immediately think "waffle maker."
Nope. Camera bag (still an awesome gift though)

When I finally got to my mom's gift today, I slightly forgot about the waffle maker.
And there it was.
My beautiful waffle maker!

The best part of the story:
My mom did buy it in October.
Little tease!!

Anyway I had a wonderful day.
Things are getting more and more exciting.
Soon I get to have a cuddle buddy forever!



Chapter 706

Two exciting things about today.

Moved some things into the apartment.
I love this little 2 bedroom place of ours :)

I got a job offer. One I was not expecting.
Something that I love doing, with a company I adore.
Merchandising for Target.
Definitely a blessing from Heavenly Father.

Now I'm off to bed.
Another busy day tomorrow.
More moving, bridal shower, cast party, and then lesson prep.



Chapter 705

Last night I was cleaning out my closet.
Decided it was time to get rid of some purses.
While I was going through them, I came across this little piece of paper.
It was in one bag I hadn't used since I was in YW.
That was 5 years ago, I desperately needed a clear out.

On the paper was a list of things that described who I am.
What struck me about this paper was that even though that was 5-6 years ago, nothing on that paper had changed.

So I thought I would shared with you, who I am.

I still love playing the guitar.
I still love photography.
I still love music.
I still want to travel.
I still love the new direction my life is going
I still love reading
I still dream about being a mother and a wife
I still have no problem public speaking
I still love making crafts

And I still know that I am a daughter of God

Even though I made mistakes when I was in youth, I'm so glad I never forgot these things.
And I never will.



Chapter 704

+ Every time a gift gets bought on our registry we are getting more and more excited. We are trying to guess who is buying what.
+ Anxiously waiting the call from our landlord so we can start moving in!
+ Job hunting sucks. Thankfully we both have interviews this week.
+ Saying goodbye at night is a bummer. Only a few more weeks.
+ Loving my church calling more and more. Teaching the young women is so much fun. Bekah

Chapter 703

The wedding gifts are starting to come in.
A couple days ago my next door neighbour gave us a crocheted cuddle blanket.
Definitely going to be well loved in our apartment.
I love my blankets, but I love handmade ones even more.



Chapter 702

Yesterday while I was driving with Marsha to seminary grad I noticed a turtle trying to climb onto the curb, off the road.
The poor little thing was trying so hard to climb off the road, onto the curb, and into the safety of the grass.
So we turned the car around and saved it.
His name is Tommy.
And we love him.
It made my day.

And that is pretty much all I have to say today :)



Chapter 701

I realized something today.
I'm sick of wedding planning.
Don't get me wrong, it's and fun and all, I just want to be married to my best friend already.
I want to have a place of our own.
I want to cuddle as long as we want.
I want to talk forever.
I want to kneel across the altar in the temple.
I want to have a family.
I want to face problems with his hand in mine.

I'm not a cheesy person, so this is weird for me to say all this.
I'm very guarded.
I get hurt easily.
I feel things deeply, but fear showing too much into my heart.
Thank goodness I found a boy who understands that.
Someone who has made me realize there isn't anything to fear.
Yes things are stressful, and yes life is hard.
But I would much rather face it with him than alone.

I'm still completely shocked that I am the lucky girl who gets to call herself:
Mrs. Alex Baronins.

And for someone that isn't cheesy,
I just went a tad overboard.
You're welcome.



Chapter 700

Last night I got a phone call from one of my closest friends.
Turns out Charlotte has been planning to surprise me for a while.
I get to see her on the most important day of my life.
That's right, my dear friend is flying from Alberta for my wedding.

Best surprise ever.



Chapter 699

One month today

She changes her signature
He wears grey, she wears white
She holds holds flowers, he wears flowers
They go to the temple

But most importantly...

They get married for time and all eternity


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