Chapter 696

I shouldn't be up this late.
But I am.
I've been doing some thinking the past couple days.
About this blog.

Where do I want it to go?
Should I continue it as an "online journal"?
Should I try some new things?
Should I keep things the same?

I have finally come to a conclusion.
I love writing this blog.
I love meeting new bloggers that are going through similar changes.
I love reading old posts and seeing my growth.
I love blogging.

So I'm not changing anything.
Well, actually there is a slight change.
I thought it was about time that I changed the tittle of my blog.
I've been blogging for 3 years now and for those three years my blog has documented my life.
In a few weeks something very special is happening to me.
I'm getting married to my best friend.
We are going to be sharing the rest of our lives together, so I thought it was fitting to change the tittle of this blog from: A Mile in her Shoes, to:
A & B 


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