Chapter 695

This has been my life the past couple of nights.
Being at the church until 10:30-11 pm, rehearsing.
Last year I had the opportunity to perform a solo.
It was super duper fun, and was great being on stage again.

This year I get to perform in two numbers.
"I could have dance all night" - My Fair Lady
"You can't stop the beat" - Hairspray
Both rehearsals didn't run extremely smoothly, but you know what they say:
Rough dress rehearsal means a great performance.
Well fingers crossed!!

So that is the reason for my lack of posts/not a lot of effort in posting.
Next week I'll be back on track.



  1. well looks like it worked cause it was great!! Nice work!! To you AND Alex, lights were awesome and we were all hyped up on sour keys. A great night indeed :)


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