Chapter 691

A Midweek List

+ Had a rather stressful night with Blogger. Holy snapper it was ridiculous.
+ Invitations are completely done. A guy from my ward was able to design them and put what I had in my mind to life. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Now time to send them :)
+ Figuring out/making all the reception decorations!! I feel like a Pinterest queen. Ok maybe just a princess.
+ Updating the wedding registry.
+ My room is getting more and more cramped. Only a couple more weeks and I can start moving things over to our apartment!
+ Rehearsals for "An Evening in Broadway" are getting more and more intense. But I am SO excited to be on stage again! 3 times in the past year. I've missed performing so much!


PS. Due to some technical difficulties last night, I lost a few of my sponsors. If I am still swapping buttons with you, but don't have it up, send me an email and I will put it back up! Thanks


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