Chapter 689

Trinket Tuesday

Last week I found these gems at the thrift store.
I was terrified they wouldn't fit, but thankfully I was able to squeeze my feet into them.
I feel like I will never buy brand new oxfords.
Some people find wearing someone else's shoes gross (my mom for example),
but I find it kind of romantic.
I wonder where these shoes took someone, I wonder what memories they had, I wonder what kind of person they were.
And I wonder what places they will take me.



  1. oh my goodness.. I love those shoes!
    I have also been told that wearing used shoes is gross..but I agree with you completely :)


  2. Oh my heck! I just about died. I use to follow your old blog, and I was sad when you stopped that one. SO glad I found you. you are adorable! Oh, and way cute shoes :)

  3. i am in love with these shoes! i think i need to visit the thrift store more often...

  4. absolutely love those shoes. create a post with you styling them! would love to see the different ways to wear them!

    Madeline & Jane
    Join our new fashion blog via GFC:)
    The Lovely Lives

  5. Hey pretty, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my latest blog post! :)

    xo, Ainslee



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