Chapter 685

A Midweek List

+ Applied to the assistant manager position at my work. I'm still a little scared, but surprisingly excited.
+ Spent an entire day with Brigitte. Thrifting, Subway, makeup and socks shopping, and some much needed catching up.
+ I have become dress obsessed lately. Bring on the summer weather!!
+ I side parted my hair for a couple days. It felt weird. So I went back to center part. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.
+ Had an Ikea trip with the whole family (minus Alex), and Andrew and Kelsi gave us our wedding gift early. Hooray for Ikea gift cards!!! We officially have all our furniture except for couch, kitchen cart, and chair for the living room.
+ My nails are robin egg blue at the moment. And I have birds on my shirt. I like spring. Duh.

What have you been up to so far this week?



  1. i love your top.
    oh and ikea, its the best.


  2. i've been planning a trip to ikea for a loooong time, now to actually go!


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