Chapter 696

I shouldn't be up this late.
But I am.
I've been doing some thinking the past couple days.
About this blog.

Where do I want it to go?
Should I continue it as an "online journal"?
Should I try some new things?
Should I keep things the same?

I have finally come to a conclusion.
I love writing this blog.
I love meeting new bloggers that are going through similar changes.
I love reading old posts and seeing my growth.
I love blogging.

So I'm not changing anything.
Well, actually there is a slight change.
I thought it was about time that I changed the tittle of my blog.
I've been blogging for 3 years now and for those three years my blog has documented my life.
In a few weeks something very special is happening to me.
I'm getting married to my best friend.
We are going to be sharing the rest of our lives together, so I thought it was fitting to change the tittle of this blog from: A Mile in her Shoes, to:
A & B 


Chapter 695

This has been my life the past couple of nights.
Being at the church until 10:30-11 pm, rehearsing.
Last year I had the opportunity to perform a solo.
It was super duper fun, and was great being on stage again.

This year I get to perform in two numbers.
"I could have dance all night" - My Fair Lady
"You can't stop the beat" - Hairspray
Both rehearsals didn't run extremely smoothly, but you know what they say:
Rough dress rehearsal means a great performance.
Well fingers crossed!!

So that is the reason for my lack of posts/not a lot of effort in posting.
Next week I'll be back on track.



Chapter 694

Things are getting a little crazy around here.
Invitations have been sent out.
Flowers have been ordered.
Decorations are being made.
Furniture is getting stored.
Finally found our first dance song.
My bedroom is full of cardboard boxes.

And yet I still can't believe I am getting married.



Chapter 693

I love little items that I find at thrift stores that can be used for many things.
Jewelry holder, key holder, wall decor, soap dish, whatever.
This itty bitty brass plate was only $1, so I couldn't say no.

If you haven't noticed, I'm a knick knack kind of gal.



Chapter 692

I love finding little things at garage sales.
Sifting through houses and streets.
But it's worth it. 
Even if I only bought 2 books, 2 records, and a jewelry holder.
Walking around the Glebe, eating beavertails and looking for deals with my mom.
Yes I may have had to wake up at 7 on a Saturday morning.
But I'll say it again, it's worth it :) 



Chapter 691

A Midweek List

+ Had a rather stressful night with Blogger. Holy snapper it was ridiculous.
+ Invitations are completely done. A guy from my ward was able to design them and put what I had in my mind to life. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Now time to send them :)
+ Figuring out/making all the reception decorations!! I feel like a Pinterest queen. Ok maybe just a princess.
+ Updating the wedding registry.
+ My room is getting more and more cramped. Only a couple more weeks and I can start moving things over to our apartment!
+ Rehearsals for "An Evening in Broadway" are getting more and more intense. But I am SO excited to be on stage again! 3 times in the past year. I've missed performing so much!


PS. Due to some technical difficulties last night, I lost a few of my sponsors. If I am still swapping buttons with you, but don't have it up, send me an email and I will put it back up! Thanks


Chapter 690

Let's just say I'm pretty ticked right now.
Blogger is being stupid and I am trying to fix a whole lot of crazy.
Please be patient, and everything should be running smoothly soon.




Chapter 689

Trinket Tuesday

Last week I found these gems at the thrift store.
I was terrified they wouldn't fit, but thankfully I was able to squeeze my feet into them.
I feel like I will never buy brand new oxfords.
Some people find wearing someone else's shoes gross (my mom for example),
but I find it kind of romantic.
I wonder where these shoes took someone, I wonder what memories they had, I wonder what kind of person they were.
And I wonder what places they will take me.


Chapter 688

Since it was the last day of the Tulip Festival, and the long weekend,
We decided to spend the evening walking around the canal, and frolic in the tulips.
I love this time of year for many reasons,
but two of my top reasons are tulips, and walks.
So tonight was perfection.
And to top it all off, we had DQ blizzards.




Chapter 687

You know spring has arrived when mom and I go garage sale-ing.
So here's a break down of the gems I got

+ Records of Grease, Olivia Newton John and Bruce Springsteen
+ A couple flower pictures
+ A flower pot, but it works perfectly for my records
+ A cute little British pottery plate



Chapter 686

A love days off.

Sleeping in.
Staying in my bed for no reason
Sipping on a smoothie
Oh and an earthquake
It was very relaxing. Minus the shaking and quaking. 

Plans for the rest of the day:

Play with Norah
Design my wedding invitation
Have some family time

I like lists, if you haven't noticed already.
Also I just haven't been in the mood to post "outfits" the past few weeks.
So they may come back next week, they may not.
Depends on my mood :)
Hope you all have a great Friday!



Chapter 685

A Midweek List

+ Applied to the assistant manager position at my work. I'm still a little scared, but surprisingly excited.
+ Spent an entire day with Brigitte. Thrifting, Subway, makeup and socks shopping, and some much needed catching up.
+ I have become dress obsessed lately. Bring on the summer weather!!
+ I side parted my hair for a couple days. It felt weird. So I went back to center part. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.
+ Had an Ikea trip with the whole family (minus Alex), and Andrew and Kelsi gave us our wedding gift early. Hooray for Ikea gift cards!!! We officially have all our furniture except for couch, kitchen cart, and chair for the living room.
+ My nails are robin egg blue at the moment. And I have birds on my shirt. I like spring. Duh.

What have you been up to so far this week?



Chapter 684

I had such a beautiful day with Brigitte yesterday.
I didn't even touch my laptop.
I love days like that.
So that is why I am a day late with Trinket Tuesday.
Sue me.

Trinket Tuesday
Bright lips are my thing.
So when I saw this lipstick at Jacob for $4, I thought "Why not?"
And I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.
I wasn't expecting it to be great, especially since it is from a clothing store.
But I got to tell you, it's pretty incredible.



Chapter 683

I have this fear.

The fear of failure.
I don't try new things because I assume I am going to fail.
Today I am terrified.
But it is time to face this fear.



Chapter 682

+ My mom knows what matters.
+ My mom has a testimony.
+ My mom knows who she is, which means she knows who I am.
+ My mom is a teacher, friend, listener
+ My mom is real.
+ My mom is the best mom for me.



Chapter 681

He is the...

Ron to my Hermione
Peeta to my Katniss
Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth
Robin Hood to my Maid Marian
Aragorn to my Arwen
Cory to my Topanga
But most importantly, he is my Alex.



Chapter 680

A Midweek List

+ I can't believe this kid is leaving for his mission today. So many memories babysitting this boy!
+ I love having my fiance live down the street. Random meet ups while walking to the bus stop.
+ Finally getting around to creating a mormon.org profile!
+ Enjoying the beautiful weather. Feels like summer, everyday all day!
+ Been in an ice cream mood the past couple days. Ok fine, I'm always in an ice cream mood :)



Chapter 679

This bag is THE perfect bag for spring/summer.
Canvas with a splash of neon.
Sometimes I am a rather shallow person,
and sometimes purses give me great joy.



Chapter 678

 3 things I always take pictures of on a spring day.

+ trees/flowers
+ my adorable fiance
+ my itty bitty niece (who is not so itty bitty anymore)


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