Chapter 659

There is nothing more sweet than going to your friends wedding shower.
I love how we are both going through this exciting time together.

I grew up with her fiance, Dave, and have become rather close with him over the past 5 years.
I love that Dave and Catherine met at her first youth conference.
How Dave was smitten with her ever since the beginning.
And now they are getting married!

Couldn't be happier for them.
Such a perfect match!



  1. So cute.

    Also, I love that chair she's sitting on.

    Three cheers for love and getting married!


  2. Oh my gosh you are so adorable! I am obsessed with you hair, and your style is so cute! Yay For bridal showers!! Congrats to your friend!! I love your blog and I am excited for more (and that hair tutorial of yours:) )Following you via bloglovin & Twitter. xoxo


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