Chapter 658

Today I realized I never shared with you the "how we met, and came to be" story.
So bear with me.
It's kind of long, and kind of creepy on my part.
But at the same time, it's a pretty awesome story.

August 2012

Jenn sends me a Facebook message:
"Oh hey, gurl, heyyy. One of Jonan's friends is moving into the ward. Cutie from what I can tell... RM ;)
May the odds be ever in your favour."
And of course, like any single lady would do I creeped his Facebook.

September 2012

I was determined to get out of my comfort zone this year.
No more waiting around for dates and being all annoying.
The first thing we ever said to each other was:
Me: "Wagner."
Alex: "What?"
Me: "My last name is Wagner"
Alex: "Oh right"
We were in the temple.
Cheesy, I know.
I just thought he was the cutest thing.

So I went for it.
I told my family that I was giving Alex 2 weeks.
If he didn't ask me on a date in that time, then I would ask him.
First we walked to institute every Wednesday and Friday from campus.
Day after day I waited for him to ask.
But when he didn't, I asked him for some beavertails on the market.
September 28th.
Our first date.

October 2012

Pretty much every week we had a date.
It was never awkward.
We never even really planned our dates.
Most of the time we just walked around the city and talked.
About everything.
I went to Utah.
I missed him.
He missed me.
We didn't tell each other until months later.

Alex gave a talk in church.
I knew then that he was the person Heavenly Father had just for me.

October 29th.
"The talk."
Over the phone.
Oh dear it was awkward.
But it needed to happen, so I initiated it.
Apparently he wanted to bring it up when we went to have frozen yogurts 2 days earlier, but chickened out.
We were now labeled.

November 2012

Both of us had never been in a legit relationship.
All of the boys I had dated in the past were long distance.
So that first month was weird.
We took things at an extremely slow pace.
Which we both liked.
He didn't put his arm around me until the end of the month.
We didn't hold hands until December.

December 2012

Exam time and Christmas break.
This was a big month for us.
Not only did we say "I love you" for the first time,
but I also went down to Winnipeg to meet Alex's family.
While I was there we had "the marriage talk".
This time Alex initiated it.
I could tell he was nervous.
Shaking like a leaf.
We both wanted it, but he hadn't got his answer yet.

January 2013

The first few weeks of January were a bit stressful.
I already got my answer about us, but Alex was still waiting.
I prayed and decided that I needed to drop my classes and save money.
But I felt like I was putting all my eggs into one basket.
Alex told me there was no need to worry and everything would work out with us.

January 19th
The very place where we had that first conversation, Alex proposed.
And we've been on cloud nine ever since.


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