Chapter 649

Last year Brigitte and I created a modest fashion blog called B and B.
We ended it back in September.
Too much going on in our lives.
But the thing is I still love fashion, and looking at other peoples outfits for inspiration.
So I thought that every Friday I would share an outfit with you.

I don't want this blog to be a full on fashion blog, because I prefer writing about everyday things.
But I still love fashion and want to show some of my outfits. 
Also I'm linking up with Awkward Girls Rock Your Dots Challenge.
Awkward Girls


  1. You're gorgeous! You pull of lipstick like nobody's business:)

  2. I'm lovin' on your shoes and your necklace and your gorg hat!! Little things always make an outfit perfect!!

  3. You are wayyy too pretty! Ps when do we get to see your engagement pics, I can't waaait haha! :) xo

  4. The gold necklace is perfect.

    Fashion blog or not, I'd love to see more outfit pictures from you :)

  5. love love love this. your style is amazing

  6. Loving this look! That lipstick shade looks great on you.

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly


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