Chapter 616

Since February was my blog's birthday month, I've been thinking about my blog, how I started, and how I've grown.

I started this blog when I was half way through my first year at university. 
Originally I was determined to have this extremely fashion forward blog, not talk about anything personal and be a huge hit right off the bat. 
I had my itty bitty point and shoot camera, and no real inspiration to do anything.
I literally just posted about anything.
Go ahead, look at the posts, they're pretty entertaining. 
I blogged to be cool.

This was my "attempt at being a hipster" year.
Leggings and oversized grandpa sweaters, everyday, all day.
A lot of great new things (camera, sewing machine) and not so great new things (having my heart broken, feeling a little lost especially about the future)
I blogged to help find myself and vent.

This was a big year for me and this blog.
My blog grew out of nowhere.
I was able to meet a bunch of great bloggers.
I finally discovered how to write in an honest and real way.
I fell in love again.
I blogged to document.

I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet.
I'm getting a new job, marrying the man of my dreams, working on consistent blog series, and finally embracing change.
My plan for this year is to blog about discovering and enjoying the changes in life.

I would love to know why you blog. Make a post similar to this one send me the link :)



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