Chapter 628

It's that time of year again.
March Madness.
This year the Wagner women decided to make brackets.
The heat is on.

I must say the most entertaining part is my mom.
While she was making a salad, her iPad was open to ESPN, she had her phone out to text my brother, and her bracket to make sure her teams were winning.
I'm thinking of starting a blog series: "Things my mom says during March Madness."
For example: 
> "Adam, your dad and I all have Louisville winning. And we didn't even see each other's bracket."
> "He's getting stressed, it must be the dance."


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  1. ha! my family does a bracket every year...so far I am doing ok. A lot of people picked Georgetown. I am a life long Hoosier fan and am crossing my fingers that this is finally their year :).


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