Chapter 611

Thoughts on a Thursday

> My new alarm is the best way to wake up. 
> Never thought job hunting would be this simple. So excited for my interview next week.
> Once I tell my manager I am leaving, I get top in the district. Gotta love irony.
> Finally have a new passport. Don't have to use my old mug shot for ID anymore :)
> Can't believe my niece is a year old today.
> So excited to spend time with Adam and Alicia this weekend, and for them to meet Alex.
> Sometimes I like to re-design my blog for funzies.
> Thinking of changing some things on this blog, want to set some more goals, and have consistent blog series. Any suggestions?


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  1. You are GORGEOUS! Just found your blog and I'm loving it!

    I just switched up my blog. It really is kind of fun.

    New Follower:)

    Elise @ Hunters of Happiness


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