Chapter 610

Time for another tutorial :) Recently I have done the switch from high end makeup to drugstore, and I actually prefer it. And it is seriously a fraction of the cost! I still use a high end palette, and a few products that are pricey, but they last so long!!! And since I am getting married in a few months, I want to save as much money as possible in the long run.
 SO let's get started!
First start off with a clean, moisturized, and primed face. I just bought a whole slew of Aveeno products and I am in love!!! My skin has never felt better! I have gone from the Body Shop, to Lush, to Clairins and now to Aveeno. And hands down it is my favourite! 
Benefit's Pore-fessional is one of my pricey products, but it has surprisingly lasted so long. I use barely any and it conceals all my pores, and makes my skin feel like silk.
I also apply some EOS lipbalm.
Next I take my Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. I pore a little amount on the back of my hand, take my Sephora mineral powder brush (works great for liquid foundation, just saying), and buff and blend into my skin. 
For my under eye area I dab a little bit of the Covergirl and Olay simply ageless eye corrector. This stuff is incredible!!! Isn't cakey at all!! For concealer I use Maybeline's Instant Age Rewind concealer. I apply a little on my nose, and blemishes. Then I blend it in with my Quo Precise foundation brush.
Taking my Sephora brush again, I set it all with the Revlon Nearly Naked powder.
For the longest time I avoided bronzer. It just scared me. Then last spring I bought Benefit's Hoola. Finally a bronzer that wasn't super dark. I'm the most porcelain person ever, so bronzer can look weird on me. Using the brush that it comes with, I apply it starting from the top of my ear following just underneath my cheek bone. I don't go too far. I stop just about where my eyebrow starts. I hope this all makes sense. Sounds confusing. Oh well. I then take my Quo Bronzing Powder brush I blend it in slightly, as well as applying a bit to my hair line.
My favourite blush is by Estee Lauder. And to be honest I have no idea the colour or name of it. I've had this sample for a couple years now and all I know is that it's a gorgeous matte, dusty rose. I'm not a shimmery person when it comes to makeup. I apply it with my Elf Blush brush.
For eyebrows I take a clean spooly brush and comb my ridiculously wild eyebrows. No seriously, they are pretty crazy. Then I use the Elf eyebrow kit and apply the cream with the brush included. To set it all I use the Maybeline clear Great Lash mascara. This stuff is great. My eyebrows stay put all day!!!
Let me just take a minute and talk about the Stila In The Know palette. Yes it's 50$, but I have had it since November and I have even scratched the surface yet. And that's crazy since I use it EVERY single day. Whether it be something simple, or a smokey eye, this palette can do it all. So it was definitely worth it in my opinion! Using my Quo all over shadow brush I use the middle colour on the bottom row  on my lash line, and blend up my lid. Then using the same brush I use the first colour on top left to highlight my brow bone and tear duct. 
Liquid liner has been my favourite makeup product for a few years now. I just love how clean and simple it looks on my eye. I used to do a winged eye, but I now prefer just doing a straight line along my lash line. I have through quite a few different brands, but I am really loving the Maybeline master precise. Hasn't dried out on me yet. I had bought the Stila one back in November and it lasted a month and started to dry out. Which is ridiculous. Especially since it is about 26$. Not ok with that at all.
Last but not least I apply 2 coats of mascara. I'm a really picky person when it comes to mascara. I have extremely long, curly lashes, so anything that is supposed to "lengthen" your eyelashes make mine look  like spider legs. So I always stick to volumizing ones. But it is still really hard for to find "the" one. Last summer I thought I found it with the YSL Shocking mascara, but it was 36$. I mean OUCH! That's way too expensive! I bought it once but couldn't convince myself to repurchase it, even though it was divine.
So I was on the hunt again. Finally 3 weeks ago I found THE mascara!!! I even prefer to YSL's!!! It's the L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. And since it's 4.99 I'm an extremely happy person :)
And that is my everyday makeup :) Nothing too intense, I prefer to highlight my features, than to cover myself up with too much makeup.

On a complete random note, Alex and I found our wedding bands!!! AH! Paying for them tonight!!!!


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  1. Love this! I wear super simple makeup too but have a hard time finding good products so this is totally helpful :)


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