Chapter 641

I love Easter.
And not because of bunnies and chocolate.
It is a time where I find myself constantly reflecting on the greatest sacrifice and act of love that has ever taken place.
The atonement and crucifixion.

I know that Jesus Christ atoned for each and every one of us. 
And if I was the only person on this earth, He would have done it just for me. 
He is our Saviour. 
Because of Him, there is a way for us to return and live with Him. 
We can be clean, we can be whole, and we can be with our families. 
And for that, I will always be grateful for.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!



Chapter 640

This boy right here.
I love him. 

Our engagement pictures were an absolute blast! 
Chantelle was a gem to work with.
Can't wait to see how they turned out!
Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!



Chapter 639

> New clothes
> Frolicking in a field
> Smiling at each other

Yep it's our engagement pictures today! We're excited.



Chapter 638

Today I'm over on Belinda's blog discussing my top 3 inspirations for the home.
Head on over to We Found Love, Now What? and check it out!


Chapter 637

I picked up our bands today.
Excitement isn't a strong enough word to describe how I am feeling.


Chapter 636

Black forest cake, and lasagna.
A birthday tradition for over 20 years.

Happy birthday Dad!



Chapter 635

My dad is 54 today.
I am so grateful to have such an incredible man in my life.
And the fact that I get to call him dad, so blessed.
Happy birthday Dad.
I love you.



Chapter 634

I finally found time to sit down and watch Les Mis...
In one sitting. 
Yes it happened.


Chapter 633

I have always loved this cutting board.
Something about it reminds me of home.
So when I found out that my mom was giving it to Alex and I, I was thrilled.
Little pieces that don't look like much, but have some sort of significance always make me smile.



Chapter 632

There's something about Monday mornings that I love.
I can't quite put my finger on it, I guess just knowing that it's the beginning of a new week.
A chance to make new goals and start fresh.

One week closer to getting married.



Chapter 631

You can always tell when Norah stays over.
Toys everywhere!!!
A weekend full of family, and March Madness.

Hope you all had incredible weekend!



Chapter 630

Welcome to an awkward video tutorial.
Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin :)



Chapter 629

I have this fear.
It's pretty ridiculous.
I am terrified of teaching lessons at church.
The reason why I find it ridiculous is I never get nervous in front of crowds.
I could sing a solo, give a speech, bear my testimony no problem.
But as soon as you put me in front of a class, I freeze.

Sunday I am yet again facing this fear.
I know there is nothing to fear.
All I can do is prepare.



Chapter 628

It's that time of year again.
March Madness.
This year the Wagner women decided to make brackets.
The heat is on.

I must say the most entertaining part is my mom.
While she was making a salad, her iPad was open to ESPN, she had her phone out to text my brother, and her bracket to make sure her teams were winning.
I'm thinking of starting a blog series: "Things my mom says during March Madness."
For example: 
> "Adam, your dad and I all have Louisville winning. And we didn't even see each other's bracket."
> "He's getting stressed, it must be the dance."


Chapter 627

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
The past few days I've gone without eyeliner, and it's been so refreshing!
I fooled around with my makeup with this morning.
When I was done, I looked in the mirror, and didn't like what I saw.
Dark eyes and heavy lips.
It just didn't seem like me.

So I scrubbed it all off and started again, doing my everyday routine.
Instead of grabbing my EOS lip balm, I went with my Revlon color burst lip butter.
It's a bit darker than I usually wear, but I still feel like me when I'm wearing it.

It's interesting how much my tastes have changed.
I'd rather look like me, instead of being completely covered.



Chapter 626

Since today is the first day of spring, I thought it was fitting to wear my brightest shirt.
Unfortunately it looks like Christmas outside.
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas... just not in March.
I want to wear my rain boots again!!


Chapter 625

The only person I trust with my hair is my hairdresser, Patricia.
But when it comes to having my hair done for an event, I have never been pleased.
So since I want to avoid any type of melt down on my wedding day, I decided to do my hair myself.

I tried a couple different styles last week and have found something extremely fool proof.
So which one do you think I am going with?



Chapter 624

I just want to apologize for the amount of design changes over the past few days.
I couldn't find a design that I loved enough to keep.
Experimenting is fun, but can be a tad annoying.
(especially when you are a perfectionist like myself)
Thankfully I have finally found a design that I love.
Simple, classic, and more "grown up".

And since I am going to be sharing my life with a special someone starting in July, I will be updating my "about page" with some stuff about Alex.
I mean, I've walked quite a mile in these shoes, and soon I'll be walking them with someone by my side.

So thank you for putting up with all the changes :)

You're all gems.


Chapter 623

Welcome to a new series on my blog: "Trinket Tuesday."
Every Tuesday I will share little pieces around my house.
Gifts, heirlooms, childhood toys, etc.

I thought I would kick start it with one of my most treasured items.
This little jewelry box belonged to my Great Grandma (Nanny Wagner).
I don't have any memories of her, except for how heartbroken I was when she passed away.
I was only little, but it had such a big impact on me. 
It was the first death in the family that I remember experiencing.
This jewelry box is the last thing I see at night, and the first thing I see in the morning.
It's my only piece of my Nanny.



Chapter 622

Colds are the worst.
Thank goodness for willing co-workers who can take your shifts.



Chapter 621

On Saturday, two of my bridesmaids came over for a brunch.
I hadn't seen their dresses in person, so we thought it would be fun if they tried them on for me.
Again, they were just how I imagined them.
Since all my bridesmaids have a different body shape, and complexion I wanted them all in different dresses and colours.
I was a little worried that something would go wrong, or one of the dresses wouldn't work out, but so far so good.
(touch wood)

For now, I will leave you with the one picture.
You will have to wait until July to see all 4 from head to toe.
I like to tease.



Chapter 620

I sometimes catch myself staring at my ring.
I sometimes catch Alex staring at me.
I can't believe that in a little over 3 months he will be mine, and I will be his.




Chapter 619

Apparently GFC and Google Reader is being discontinued. Hop on over to my Facebook page, and follow me on Bloglovin so you can keep updated.

You can actually automatically transfer all the blogs you follow through GFC by going to this link. It's well worth it!! So not all will be lost!!

Google why must you be such a pain?


Chapter 618

Well look at what came in the mail today:
The ties!!!!!
I couldn't be happier with how they all they look together. 

And yes I caved, and decided to post a picture for you all to see! 


Chapter 617

I'm one of those people that needs to write things down.
Thoughts, random ideas, and important dates.
Nothing makes me feel more organized than notebooks.
And that explains the crazy amount of notebooks all over my bedroom.

Time for some major writing and organizing ideas.



Chapter 616

Since February was my blog's birthday month, I've been thinking about my blog, how I started, and how I've grown.

I started this blog when I was half way through my first year at university. 
Originally I was determined to have this extremely fashion forward blog, not talk about anything personal and be a huge hit right off the bat. 
I had my itty bitty point and shoot camera, and no real inspiration to do anything.
I literally just posted about anything.
Go ahead, look at the posts, they're pretty entertaining. 
I blogged to be cool.

This was my "attempt at being a hipster" year.
Leggings and oversized grandpa sweaters, everyday, all day.
A lot of great new things (camera, sewing machine) and not so great new things (having my heart broken, feeling a little lost especially about the future)
I blogged to help find myself and vent.

This was a big year for me and this blog.
My blog grew out of nowhere.
I was able to meet a bunch of great bloggers.
I finally discovered how to write in an honest and real way.
I fell in love again.
I blogged to document.

I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet.
I'm getting a new job, marrying the man of my dreams, working on consistent blog series, and finally embracing change.
My plan for this year is to blog about discovering and enjoying the changes in life.

I would love to know why you blog. Make a post similar to this one send me the link :)



Chapter 615

Spring has officially begun.
I had to bring out my Hunters today.
I've never been so excited to see puddles.
And I may have splashed my way home from work (Kelsi would be proud)

Also something new and exciting, I took the plunge.
I've been thinking of new things for this blog, and one of those things was starting a Facebook page.
Still not completely sure on all the changes, just taking it a step at a time.
So go on over, don't be a stranger.



Chapter 614

I could stare at this tea pot all day.
Ok maybe not all day. But still.
There is just something about teapots that makes me giddy.

Today I went for my first fitting for my wedding dress.
We figured out the length of the sleeves, the neckline and did some alterations of on the waist.
It doesn't look like much just yet, but my next fitting it will be completely covered in lace.
I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like, and it is spitting image!
It still hasn't really sunk in that I am getting married.
It keeps hitting me over and over again.
Today was one of those days.
I'm getting married in almost 3 months.



Chapter 613

Today was Norah Borah's first birthday party.
Yes she was sick, and yes she took a little nap, but it was such a fun day.
Seeing her open her presents, and eat cake for the first time was so dang cute!
Nothing better than spoiling a niece :)

I'm so happy that Adam and Alicia came down.
Not only were the able to party with us, but they finally met Alex. 
Alex and Adam did some bonding over sports (especially since they both have a strong love for sports journalism). 
I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family.
Just saying.


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