Chapter 603

My favourite dresses from the Oscars.
First things first.
My prediction came true.
Jennifer Lawrence to win an Oscar before she turned 25.
Called it.
I just love everything about this clip.
Her fall, her speech, Bradley's face, and her complete shock of winning.
She is the most real celebrity out there.
I must say though her dress... It needed a real good iron.
Such a pretty colour and silhouette, but so WRINKLED! 

Also Les Mis.
Amanda do us all a favour and stop singing. 
I can't handle it. 
I cringe every time.
I'm still surprised it didn't win more awards.
And thank goodness Anne won Best Supporting Actress.
If she didn't I would have seriously hurt someone. 

And that was seriously all I cared about at the Oscar's.
Just saying.



  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said in this post. I loved Amy's dress. Jennifer is seriously so down to earth and she's just great. I really wished Les Mis won more, but it won my heart, and that's all that truly matters.;) I loved their performance and I've never been a huge fan of Amanda's singing.
    Okay, I'm done.

    -Victoria Horea

  2. I agree, Jennifer is the most real celebrity out there. I'm so glad she was nominated and so exposed this awards season, because hilarity followed. I loved loved her dress, even though she tripped on it.


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