Chapter 597

There are few things that are more precious than reuniting with friends.
Meet Lindsay.
The very first person I met in high school.
Grade 9, homeroom, Ms. Lussier's class.
Since I'm Wagner and she is Walthert, I sat in front of her.
Every time I turned around to pass her a paper she would smile and say "Thank you."
I was petrified of starting high school.
New school, new people, new problems. 
Last thing I expected was to meet this sweet girl that said Thank you for everything.
After class we found out our lockers were right beside each other. 
She asked if I wanted to eat lunch with her.
I was relieved!! 
Now I wouldn't have to awkwardly walk around the caf.

While we were taking our lunch out we noticed we both had pistachios. 
Our response:
"You liked pistachios??!!! I LOVE pistachios!!!!!"
"No way! ME TOO!"
And that is how our friendship began.
Every year for my birthday Lindsay bought me a bag of pistachios.

We shared so many memories and classes throughout our 4 years of high school.
And today we realized we haven't hung out in... 4 YEARS!!
The same amount of time we were in high school!
From seeing her everyday, to not at all for 4 years!!
And of course we went right back to how were 4 years ago.
No awkwardness at all. 
I forgot how much I love this girl and cherish her friendship.
She is still that sweet girl that says Thank you all the time.

Thank you for not changing Lindsay.


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