Chapter 595

My beautiful Kitchenaid mixer came in the mail the other day.
Yet another huge thing to add to my fire hazard bedroom.
The amount of kitchen, and home goods I have scattered around is ridiculous!
Thankfully I have awesome parents that packed them in boxes, and slid behind my bed, out of sight.
So if there is a fire, I won't have to jump out the window. 
I can actually walk to my door.
How comforting.

Also I am tempted to post the Bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen ties, and flowers.
But at the same time I want to keep it a surprise.
Hmmm, convince me.



  1. You should post some pictures! You got to give us girls something to keep us patient until the actual wedding.;) But it's your wedding and I'm sure it's also worth the wait.

  2. Surprises are fun, but I agree that you should post some pictures now. Maybe not the whole dress, but a little corner of it, etc- to keep us anticipating =).


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