Chapter 594

Snippets from my Valentines Day
Norah's Valentine gift. Little Critters are my favourite children's books!
Thursdays are my least favourite day of the week.
I work in the morning, and Alex has class until 9 PM.
So when I found out Valentines Day was on a Thursday this year, I wasn't too happy.
The first Valentines Day that I could share with someone I love, I wouldn't be able to see him. 
At all.
So naturally I was bummed.

Let me just tell you a little something about Alex.
It is impossibly hard for him to keep surprises from me.
He tries to avoid conversations until the actual surprise so he won't give it away.
He did this the week before he proposed.
And he did it again this week.
I was convinced he was going to surprise me on Valentines.

So at 2:45 the doorbell rings.
And there is my sweetheart with a huge bouquet of flowers!!
Unfortunately he couldn't stay too long because he had class at 4:30.
But we were able to play a couple games of Skip-Bo, while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and cookies in the candlelight. 
I know, we are complete romantics ;)

Can't wait to treat everyday like Valentines Day with this boy!


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