Chapter 583

My week according to Instagram
Wedding inspiration.
Banana chocolate pudding with whipped cream. Duh.
Oh Norah, how I love taking pictures of you!
Wedding shoes have been purchased!!!!!
Hair up, winged liner and tinted lips.
I just love every itty bitty thing about my ring!
Surprise cupcake from the sweetest sister in law!
This week has been tiring.
Which is weird because I haven't done anything that productive.
I've read, went to work (only a little), watched movies, thought of wedding details, and slept.
Sometimes I just need a week at home, cuddled up in my pjs.
The only draw back, I don't get to see Alex as much as I like.

Here's an understatement: 
I am so excited for the time when I can have these "homebody evenings" with Alex. 
Almost 5 months.
That's not that long.
Am I right?


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  1. What a beautiful blog! Stopping by and following from the blog hop! I hope to have a "homebody" night tonight after a long week too!



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