Chapter 607

About a month ago I received an email from Beverly asking if I could review her swimwear. She made a complete custom suit for me and I couldn't be happier with it. 
Beverly Swimwear is a line of modest, vintage inspired swimsuits that can be customized to whatever you want. Any of the one pieces can be made into a two, and vice versa. 
I asked Beverly if she could changed a one piece into a tankini and add a tie in the back for extra support. I was incredibly pleased with how the suit turned out. Super comfortable, the perfect size and the bottoms are awesome!!! They are high waisted which I love!!! None of the seams dig into my skin and the colour is really cute. The only thing I found disappointing, was the sparkles. In the pictures the fabric doesn't look sparkly at all, which I would have preferred. But to be honest, you can barely see it unless you are really up close and personal. 
I am definitely going to order one more swimsuit from her. There are SO many cute designs to choose fromm but I have my eye on one in particular :) 
Here are the links to her site and Facebook.
I'm ready for summer. Especially on days like today. I just want to prance around in my new swimsuit. 

Snow go away.


This was a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed were my own.


Chapter 606

Snippets of a Snow day
Mother Nature thought that it was Christmas today.
For some reason she got her dates messed up.
I literally didn't go outside at all.
Ok well only to snap a couple pictures, but that was it.
Spent most of the day working on my RS lesson.
I just got released from the RS presidency this Sunday, so Tracy thought it would be nice for me to teach one last time.
Also today I rediscovered my love for the Hunger Games Soundtrack.
Just beautiful.
Every song gives me chills!!


Chapter 605

Lately I've been loving the whole "getting ready as quickly as possible" hairstyles. I'm not one to wake up super early just to have time to do my hair and makeup. Yes, I do like looking nice when I leave for work in the morning, but I also love my sleep. Saving time is a necessity for me in the mornings. So I thought I would share with you my new go-to hairstyle. Quick, easy, and super cute. There is seriously no wrong way to do this. Messier the better :)
So let's get started
I like to do my makeup first (if you want a makeup tutorial leave a comment), while my hair is drying. You want your hair to be damp, so you spend less time blow drying your hair. Which is also better for your hair, doesn't dry it out as much.
Next, part your hair. I prefer a slightly off center part, as opposed to a certain part. Maybe it's just my face, I don't know, I just prefer it. I take the handle of my comb, line it up with the tip of my eyebrow and pull through my hair. Gives a clean part.
Give your hair a nice brush through.
Take your blow dryer and start drying :)
There are 2 tricks that I always follow. First: I find that flipping my head upside down and drying the back first is best. Nothing more annoying than curling that bottom layer of hair when it is damp. Frustrates me all the time. Second: I take my bangs, pull them down, and blow dry them at an angle pointing down. I hope that makes sense. I really don't know how else to describe it.
I prefer to use a flat iron to curl my hair. Now and again I will use my curling iron like a wand, but 95% of the time I use my handy dandy straightener. I have two flat irons, but I always use my 1inch to curl. I find they make a nicer size of curls. I pin up about a third of my hair and start curling away from face.
I take about a 1inch section, clamp at the top, slide to about have way down then twist away from face. I don't twist all the way down, because I want the ends to be straight instead of curled. Repeat until you have done your entire head.
I do the same thing with bangs, except I twist the ends so they curl into my curls (that sounds weird.. oh well)
 The final step is to take your favourite hairspray (mine is Dove, INCREDIBLE!), whip your head upside down and spray while shaking your head. Do until you are satisfied with the look.
 And after that you are done!!!!

This look usually takes me a grand total of 10-15 minutes to do. Which may seem long to some, but for me that is nothing. I have extremely long, thick hair so 15 minutes feels like seconds :) 

At the end of the day it's what you are most comfortable doing. Like I said at the beginning, the messier the better. You can't go wrong. So go ahead, try it out and experiment away.


If you want anymore tutorials in the future, either leave a comment or email me at rebekahannewagner@gmail.com


Chapter 604

all pictures via pinterest
Instead of sharing with you my actual wedding gear, I thought of a happy medium.
Meet my Wedding Inspiration board.
Simple but elegant. 
I might throw in some more wedding inspirations here and there, but I have decided to not reveal anything until our actual wedding :)

Alex and I just booked a date with our photographer for our engagements!
Just a little excited!



Chapter 603

My favourite dresses from the Oscars.
First things first.
My prediction came true.
Jennifer Lawrence to win an Oscar before she turned 25.
Called it.
I just love everything about this clip.
Her fall, her speech, Bradley's face, and her complete shock of winning.
She is the most real celebrity out there.
I must say though her dress... It needed a real good iron.
Such a pretty colour and silhouette, but so WRINKLED! 

Also Les Mis.
Amanda do us all a favour and stop singing. 
I can't handle it. 
I cringe every time.
I'm still surprised it didn't win more awards.
And thank goodness Anne won Best Supporting Actress.
If she didn't I would have seriously hurt someone. 

And that was seriously all I cared about at the Oscar's.
Just saying.



Chapter 602

Snippets of a bath 
I really don't think any caption is needed for these pictures.
Well except that I love this girl to bits!
(Especially her perfect placement of her rubber ducky)



Chapter 601

Snippets of a sick day
Being sick sucks.
Being sick when your fiance is out of town is the worst.
Skyping with him slightly makes up for it..but not really.
I miss cuddles.



Chapter 600

I don't think I need to say this, but I am kind of loving buying little goodies for our place.
Too bad we don't have an apartment to fill yet.
Still on the hunt, but I'm not worrying (yet)


Chapter 599

Last night we celebrated my brother's 26th birthday!
I was able to spend the whole day with Kelsi and Norah :)
Which was awesome!
Then mom and dad and Joe came over for some Donairs (yum), desert, and gift opening.
A fun night with great people!
Happy birthday Andrew!!
26 years old and he still gets excited about high school musical.



Chapter 598

Snippets from Sunday morning
1. Loving every page of The Holy Temple by Boyd K. Packer. Getting more and more excited for the temple!
2. My boots look so lonely. Since YSA starts at 2, I have the house to myself for the entire morning.
3. Mirror selfies in the guest room. I secretly miss my old room, and the yellows walls.
4. I just can't stop looking at the fabric of my wedding dress. And yes I caved, I couldn't keep it from people any longer. Besides it's just a tiny sample, there will still be a surprise :)

All in all it has been a splendid morning.
Well minus two things.
1. Woke up at 6AM because of a terrible nightmare. Not fun.
2. Alex is in Winnipeg for the next week. Already miss him and our cuddles. I desperately need one after that cursed nightmare!



Chapter 597

There are few things that are more precious than reuniting with friends.
Meet Lindsay.
The very first person I met in high school.
Grade 9, homeroom, Ms. Lussier's class.
Since I'm Wagner and she is Walthert, I sat in front of her.
Every time I turned around to pass her a paper she would smile and say "Thank you."
I was petrified of starting high school.
New school, new people, new problems. 
Last thing I expected was to meet this sweet girl that said Thank you for everything.
After class we found out our lockers were right beside each other. 
She asked if I wanted to eat lunch with her.
I was relieved!! 
Now I wouldn't have to awkwardly walk around the caf.

While we were taking our lunch out we noticed we both had pistachios. 
Our response:
"You liked pistachios??!!! I LOVE pistachios!!!!!"
"No way! ME TOO!"
And that is how our friendship began.
Every year for my birthday Lindsay bought me a bag of pistachios.

We shared so many memories and classes throughout our 4 years of high school.
And today we realized we haven't hung out in... 4 YEARS!!
The same amount of time we were in high school!
From seeing her everyday, to not at all for 4 years!!
And of course we went right back to how were 4 years ago.
No awkwardness at all. 
I forgot how much I love this girl and cherish her friendship.
She is still that sweet girl that says Thank you all the time.

Thank you for not changing Lindsay.


Chapter 596

My Niece found a new toy last night.
I have been "looking after" Tyler's Super Striker for almost 2 and a half years now.
At least it has finally found a purpose :)



Chapter 595

My beautiful Kitchenaid mixer came in the mail the other day.
Yet another huge thing to add to my fire hazard bedroom.
The amount of kitchen, and home goods I have scattered around is ridiculous!
Thankfully I have awesome parents that packed them in boxes, and slid behind my bed, out of sight.
So if there is a fire, I won't have to jump out the window. 
I can actually walk to my door.
How comforting.

Also I am tempted to post the Bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen ties, and flowers.
But at the same time I want to keep it a surprise.
Hmmm, convince me.



Chapter 594

Snippets from my Valentines Day
Norah's Valentine gift. Little Critters are my favourite children's books!
Thursdays are my least favourite day of the week.
I work in the morning, and Alex has class until 9 PM.
So when I found out Valentines Day was on a Thursday this year, I wasn't too happy.
The first Valentines Day that I could share with someone I love, I wouldn't be able to see him. 
At all.
So naturally I was bummed.

Let me just tell you a little something about Alex.
It is impossibly hard for him to keep surprises from me.
He tries to avoid conversations until the actual surprise so he won't give it away.
He did this the week before he proposed.
And he did it again this week.
I was convinced he was going to surprise me on Valentines.

So at 2:45 the doorbell rings.
And there is my sweetheart with a huge bouquet of flowers!!
Unfortunately he couldn't stay too long because he had class at 4:30.
But we were able to play a couple games of Skip-Bo, while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and cookies in the candlelight. 
I know, we are complete romantics ;)

Can't wait to treat everyday like Valentines Day with this boy!


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