Chapter 578

Back when I was 16 we had a Laurel class activity entitled "I want to marry a Moroni"
We made time capsules that we were not allowed to open until the night we got engaged.
So naturally on Saturday Alex and I opened it in front of my family and a few friends.
So here are my wedding plans of my 16 year old self vs. our actual wedding plans

Temple: Hawaii
We will be married July 4th in the Toronto Temple.
So pretty much opposite ends of the continent.
I honestly don't know why I picked Hawaii.
Ever since I was little I said I would get married in the Toronto temple, and I am :)

Colours: Yellow and blue
We don't a specific colours, more like a colour scheme.
Peaches, creams, gold accents, grey, blue, chambray.
Confusing? Just a little.

Wedding song: Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
We haven't discussed this one yet, but I have a couple songs in mind.
Since we don't have "a song", I feel we should find one and make it our own :)

Future Children
Ok this one isn't exactly "wedding planning", but it was to do.
Apparently when I was 16 I wanted 6 children.
Wowza. We will see about that.
Want to learn something weird?
I have had a baby name list on my phone for a couple years now.
I'm telling you, the names just come to me randomly so I write them down.
The weirdest thing is not one these names are on my current list.
How odd.



  1. At the dinner we had with close friends and family after our wedding, the place we ate at had a muscian come in an play Broken Road for us (not our song choice - he just played it). I think the guy sang it better than the Rascal Flatts!

  2. I have the exact same list on my phone!
    Congratulations, lady!

  3. haha i have a baby names list on my phone too! crazy! and i made one of those time capsules in yws too...i can hardly wait to open it :)


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