Chapter 577

I don't like chess. But I adore our family chess board.
I enjoy when I have Wednesdays off.
Sleep in, get ready whenever, hang out with friends, and play time with Norah.
Too bad the weather is terrifyingly freezing right now.
So instead of going to institute tonight I am cuddling with a blanket and a book (Insurgent).

The past two days have been weird.
I only just got used to wearing a ring, all the time.
Sleeping. Showering. Always.
But it desperately needed resizing.
So on Monday Alex and I dropped it off at the jewellers.
Today I was able to pick it up!!
My finger is no longer naked!!!!!



  1. Beautiful chess set. I never liked chess either, but the boards are so pretty. I'm such a girl :)
    Your ring looks nearly identical to mine, except mine doesn't have those "bridges" (whatever those thingies are called) going up either side of the diamond. Probably because my ring is an older style. It was my mother-in-laws, now it's mine :)


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