Chapter 576

Holly's artistic interpretation of Alex and I. Clearly in love.
If you know me, then you know I like to plan well in advance.
Whether it be an activity I am in charge of, or making detailed schedules fot trips, I like to be prepared.
Alex and I have only been engage for 4 days, and I feel well ahead :)

Booked the temple.
Shopped around for wedding bands.
Viewed an apartment.
Called landlord for waiting list.
Found my maid of honour's dress.
Found the gifts for my bridesmaids.
Decided on colours.
Booked an appointment with Michelle, who will be making my dress.
Talked to Annick about the cake.
Booked Chantelle for photography. 
*You need to understand I have wanted Chantelle to do my pictures for forever. Long before I even met Alex. Her pictures are stunning, and have very little editing, which I LOVE!

As much as the planning is fun, I just want it out of the way so I can avoid the stress of the details, and focus more on the temple :)


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  1. That is so exciting! Dang girl, you are on top of it!! :) yay!


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