Chapter 575

First things first.
Ok let's back it up just a little and go through day by day of last week.

Monday January 14
Alex came for FHE, same as every Monday night.
I went to bed early.
Mom comes in my bedroom to tell me Alex is in my dad's office with the door closed.
We start freaking out, knowing he is asking my dad's permission.
My mom said she would text when they were done with the details.
No text = no sleep for me.

Tuesday January 15
I didn't get any sleep the night before, so I decided not to go to class.
Slept in until 10:30.
Woke up to find Alex heading out the door.
Turns out he went ring shopping with my mom and Kelsi.
Later that night I asked my parents what Alex and my dad talked about last night.
Both responded: "Oh just school and work.."
My response: "And..? I'm not stupid there is more you aren't telling me!

Wednesday January 16

Thursday January 17
I had been doing some thinking and praying, and felt it was the right thing for me to drop my classes this semester and work more hours to continue to save money.
But I didn't want to put my eggs all into one basket with Alex and I.
You see we had the "marriage talk" back when I went down to Winnipeg.
Only problem was Alex hadn't recieved his confirmation yet.
I had my answer, he was still waiting for his.
I texted Alex, wanted to discuss it with him before making the final decision.
His response: "I can't explain it now, but I feel things will work out for us."
Apparently when he found out how stressed I was, he was going to bus to my place and propose then and there.
But he didn't :)

Friday January 18
After that we headed over the Andrew and Kelsi's for a little visit, then went home for some sleep.

Saturday January 19
A Blizzard hits.
But my dad was determined to drive us all to the temple.
Not like my dad at all.
Bad weather, no driving.
But this time for some reason we kept on driving.
4 hours later, and being stuck behind 3 snowploughs we finally made it to the Montreal Temple.
I brought a book and waited in the waiting room until they were done doing a session.
12:55, Alex walks in the waiting room.
Me: "I have one page left of my chapter, just wait a second."
He sits and waits patiently.
Once I'm done he asks if I can come with him to the Distribution to pick up some things.
So off we went, back out into the blizzard.
We get outside the temple, and Alex turns to me and says:
"So I kind of lied. I don't need to go to the Distribution centre."
Me: "K..."
A: "The thing is I got my answer, and it's yes."
Me thinking, "Ok he got his answer in the temple, and we are going ring shopping tonight."
A: "And I wanted to ask you" [gets down on one knee] "Will you marry me?" [pulls out ring]
I was completely taken by surprise!
Yes I knew a proposal was going to happen in the next few weeks, but I had NO idea it was going to be this week!!
And of course I said yes!
The whole family was in on it, and I was clueless.
Just what I wanted, to be surprised!

When my mom, dad, Andrew and Kelsi were done in the temple, they came out and hugged us both.
Mom and dad got teary eyed.
A special moment, with special people!

The drive home was much faster.
Giddy moments, phone calls to friends and family, and complete happiness!
Once we got back to Ottawa, we had a little "engagement party" at Larsons with a few friends.
Cake, ice cream, pizza, and more phone calls.

By far my favourite reaction from everyone would have to be Meana.
We have both been so busy the past few months that we haven't hung out since June.
JUNE! She's my best friend and we haven't seen one another for 6 months, pathetic, I know!
So of course she hasn't even met Alex yet.
Fortunately she was in Orleans, so she stopped by for a short visit.
When I asked her to be my maid of honour, she started crying, then I cried and we were just a mess of a love fest in the kitchen.
"You know how I get at weddings!!"
Oh Meana, olive you!
Just look at this ring. Literally exactly what I wanted. Yellow gold, solitaire diamond. Simple, yet sparkly!
So that is the engagement story in a nutshell.
Couldn't be happier.
I love this boy to death, and can not wait until July 4th!



  1. Oh my gosh! So exciting! You both look just sparkling in those photos.. beautiful. Happy wedding planning! xoxo

  2. i love this! congratulations!!! ah! :D

  3. AH! How exciting! Congratulations!! Being a girl, I can’t help but freak out a little…hehe

    -Victoria Horea

  4. Congratulations!! this is exciting!
    You two are lovely together!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award! :) http://moonlightgoodbyes.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html

  5. CONGRATS!!! i am so excited for you! this is lovely:) and i love your ring!

  6. So freaking happy for you!!! :)


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