Chapter 572 - Guest Post

Today you will all have the pleasure to hear from Josie. 
If you are a LDS then you will know how small the world is. Chances are someone you know, know someone else you know. Following me so far?
Well in Canada the world is even smaller if you are a member of the church. I've been reading Josie's blog since July. In September I met Alex. In October I found out that not only is Josie a close of friend of Alex's, but was his prom date as well. I died laughing! I love these connections with our church!
SO without further ado here is Josie :)
I'm a so happy to have the opportunity to guest post on this cute blog on this lovely Friday.
I'm visiting from Just Delightful.
In five words, I'd love for you to leave my blog feeling:
Happy being who you are.
I'm 22 years young and I'm currently teaching Special Education. I'm from Lake of the Woods in Northern Ontario, Canada. I write about my hopes, dreams, daily tender mercies and all things lovely (people included). 
There's not a better way to get to know a lady than by the story of her favourite shoes. I was delighted when asked to share their story. It's full of lovely memories of people and places I love and adore.
This pair of sweet, red ruby flats 
were given to me by a dearest friend of mine, Meredith. I was staying at her home the night before travelling to Europe with BYU-Idaho. Many flights and hours later I arrived in Rome 
(at an adorable convent we were staying at), 
 opened my suitcase, completely exhausted, to find these...

Here, they are pictured in 
Wittenberg, Germany. 
But we have literally been everywhere together.
And went through everything together.
And learned to love many, many dear people along the way.

Rexburg, Idaho
Kenora, Ontario
Salzburg, Austria
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Keewatin Beach, Ontario
Salt Lake City, Utah
Lethbridge, Alberta
Rome, Italy
Regina Temple, Saskatchewan
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Preston, England
Bergland, Ontario
Pisa, Italy
London, England
Calgary, Alberta
Venice, Italy
Toronto, Ontario
Tikal, Guatemala
Sugar City, Idaho
Flores, Guatemala

...Our latest adventure? 
My Kindergarten class.
I glitter-glued them late into the night to make them the perfect addition to my Dorothy costume.
Love to you all!
And remember:
Go wherever your favourite shoes can possibly take you.
(They'll be with you every step of the way). 
Thanks for popping by Josie!!!



  1. What a cute little philosophy! I love it!

  2. I love her blog and I love her attitude. I always leave her blog feeling happy :)


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