Chapter 571

The past couple days have been full of thinking, pondering, scripture study and prayer.
Making yet again another decision.
I swear the past 2 years have been decision after decision after decision.
And these weren't itty bitty decisions, they were Big Macs. 

Why is it that after getting an answer, doing what you know is right and will work out can seem so terrifying?
We can never know for certain if things will turn out the way we plan, even if once we get confirmation.
I've come to the conclusion that the future is a scary thing. 
Anything could go wrong.
But at the same time anything could go right.
The answer is simple, which means the decision should be as well.
Thank goodness I have some incredible people in my life that I can discuss things with!



  1. i love your shirt! where did you get it?

  2. WIshing you a happy day and I know how scary it can be getting an answer to a prayer you were not prepared for!

  3. You are so stunning, Bekah! And creepiest comment that's not meant in a creepy way but you have like my dream legs!

  4. Answered prayers are so tricky. You love it, you are thinking what the heck, terrifying, exciting... A mixed bowl really. I always end up asking myself, is that a real answer or did I just make it up!? But go with your heart. The future is scary but exciting!

    Deidre || Love, The Skinnys
    PS. Dont forget to come enter my giveaway!


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