Chapter 566

In RS today, Matz asked us to write down the top 5 things we have accomplished in our lives,
then to write down 5 things we wish to accomplish.
I love this idea and thought I would share mine with you:

Things I've done
1. Became completely converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Find a field of study I am completely passionate about.
3. Learn 3 languages.
4. Started this blog, and stuck with it for 3 years!
5. Became more comfortable talking about my faith.

Things I plan to do
1. Receive my endowments.
2. Be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple.
3. Become a mother.
4. Teach my children ASL.
5. To continue to perform whenever I have the opportunity.

She told us to write them down, and keep them in an area where we can read them as a reminder.
Setting goals is always important.
Give it try.


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