Chapter 563

I saw these pictures on Tumblr today and I shouted.
Shouted for joy that is!
Thank goodness I was home alone at the time, because that could have been extremely embarrassing.
My excitement for this movie is way too intense to even try and describe through words.
So I won't even try.

On a totally random note, I have the sweetest boyfriend.
Seriously though.
After Ward Council last night, he bused back with me all the way to my house just so I wouldn't be alone.
See my house is a 45 minutes bus ride from church, and from campus.
Which means Alex took a total of an hour and a half out of his night just to see me home safe.
I love this boy.
It's that simple.



  1. Goodnesssss I am so excited for this movie. Please tell me you've read the books?! :)

    1. Of course I've read them :) More than once :)


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